Alessandro Conforti

Sandro’s training started in Rome in 1996 and continued in Milan where he had the opportunity to work within the fashion industry. He moved on to ‘gothic’ Barcelona where he found a completely different expression of fashion, and then finally to London, the city of every imaginable style, and found his home!

After five years in London Sandro came across a business that reflected his views on how a work environment should be. That was Shine holistic. Now, three years down the line, he has realised his dream and co-owns Shine on the Green. ‘For me, it’s not just a business to run, it’s the place I always dreamed of working in’.

He has the fortune to work with a great team and to focus on training a very talented group of people.

In his spare time – well, he looks for the next challenge!

Shine - Alessandro Conforti