Stephanie Goj

Stephanie’s interest in Shiatsu evolved out of a degree in Social Anthropology and a longstanding relationship with dance. The degree reflected her love of Culture, ‘otherness’ and things Eastern while the dance instilled poise, body awareness and an appreciation of wellness.

With its roots in Japan/China, Shiatsu came into her life in 1991 and fulfilled her curiosity to understand mind/body links and how the body somatizes psychological (dis)stress. The unique Shiatsu combination of movement and the quietness of the Eastern way really appealed to her and she has been practicing in north London since qualifying in 1994.

Stephanie has also been a teacher at the London College of Shiatsu for fourteen years. She is influenced by the power and subtlety of cranio-sacral techniques through post-graduate workshops with Julie McBride. Stephanie now heads a team of 40 practitioners at Shine and continues to train and compete in ballroom and Latin dancing.

Stephanie is available at Shine, Church Street
Thursday  6.15 - 9.15pm
Friday  2.15 - 7.15pm
Saturday  10 - 3pm



Shine - Stephanie Goj