Physiotherapy takes a physical approach to conditions affecting your function and movement. Whether you’ve been injured, or have an illness or disability, it aims to reduce your pain and restore your natural body mechanics.

Although commonly used for musculoskeletal problems, physiotherapy can help a broad range of problems, including cardiovascular and respiratory ailments.  And it doesn’t just involve manual techniques, such as massage and skeletal manipulation; increasingly practitioners use acupuncture, and movement based approaches such as Pilates. Integrated into your treatment will be therapeutic exercises, designed for your particular condition.  So please be prepared to play your part in your recovery, supported by the expertise of your therapist.








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1st appointment
Price: £55 - £65
Duration: 45mins
Follow up
Price: £45 - £55 / £55 - £65
Duration:30mins / 40mins


Sabine Nave

Shine, Newington Green

Saturday 10 – 2pm

Tuesday  4.15 – 9.15pm


Christie Smith

Shine, Church Street

Monday  5.15 – 9.15pm

Shine Holistic