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Mandy Oxley-Swan

Mandy has over 10 years experience as a beauty therapist both within the UK and Cayman Islands. Her skills and passion for intelligent skin care have been adding welcome contours to the beauty department since 2004 resulting in the signature ‘Skin Analysis’ and facial treatments at Shine. She thoroughly enjoys connecting with a broad spectrum of clients as well as working alongside an incredible array of health professionals and creative stylists.

Mandy’s background in beauty journalism combined with her love of excellent skin care has resulted in extensive research of new ingredients. She has recently consulted on a facial skincare range with a prominent natural body brand launched in May 2011.

Passions outside work include llamas and alpacas, vintage clothing and tennis- in no particular order!

From March 2014 Mandy is developing her role as Intelligent Skincare Specialist, beauty researcher, educator and social media specialist at Shine, Church St. She continues in her passion to bring Shine’s clients the highest quality products and services.

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