Quite often the very things we do to our skin, or put on it, to prevent the processes of ageing, can inadvertently have the opposite effect.

Part of the problem is that we glean our skin care information from the hidden persuaders that lie behind the brand-related adverts of the beauty industry.

The products and methods promoted that claim to address, or even halt, the effects of ageing can actually add to our skinʼs inability to cope well. They can deepen the natural phases of transition for the skin as the years pass.

Wrinkles, dryness, lacklustre complexion, adult acne, redness, rosacea, roughness, flakiness, itchiness, blotchiness: the list of skin complaints could go on, are all undesired elements that we can get as we age, though hopefully we don’t have to suffer every single one of them!

Comfortable, soft, calm, hydrated, clear skin is not impossible, at any age. But halting, stopping, reversing or negating the processes of aging is impossible. It is literally not possible to stop aging, regardless of what those commercials make you think.

Of course, what we can do is to age with grace, understanding and even delight.

The challenge is not actually age per se: it is our view of ageing. Most of us consider the thought of getting older, and the changes to our appearance that this entails, with a fear that borders on dread. We need to address this needless anxiety which is compounded further by fear-based marketing.

Using Dr. Hauschka Facial treatments and education from an Esthetitian, increasing knowledge about how our skin actually works, helps release the judgements we hold ourselves prisoner with.

This is the Dr.Hauschka point of difference. Yes, the products are developed, produced and are obviously there to be sold, but they are not sold to you for any reason other than to offer you the choice to care for your skin in healthy way, alongside the extremely lovely experience of Dr.Hauschka Facials.

In my role as a Dr Hauschka esthetician, I am there for you as a guiding practitioner of wellbeing, not a sales person.

I am there to let you know that ingredients are a very important part of a skin product’s composition. Your skin is the largest organ of elimination that you have, and, if you continue to place substances on your skin that it struggles to process, it cannot help but lose its vitality.

I can show you how to cleanse, not exfoliate, your skin in a way that does not inhibit the lymphatic flow. I can advise you why using a product that supports the protective acid mantle, the first in many layers of your skin, will encourage your skin to soften and protect itself.

I am there to ask you to consider taking this leap of faith: those night creams and oils are simply not helping. Disregarding various other company’s claims suggesting the wearing of creams or oils overnight, & come to understand that if you do, it is detrimental to your skinʼs ability to function efficiently.

What your skin needs is a night care product, like Hauschka’s, that has been made using plant materials concocted in water or in a gel-based formula. With this style of overnight product your skin is encouraged to increase its own ability to replenish, detoxify & recover for itself.

I am there to show you that skin care is about relaxation. By allowing yourself a soothing regular two hour Dr Hauschka treatment you can reduce the stress-related defence systems that the central nervous system puts in place. These defences can be part of the cause of everything from blotchy skin to adult acne.

I am also there to offer you a workout for your skin. The Dr Hauschaka facial gymnastics can strengthen and condition the muscular structures of your face, and this, in turn, will lessen fine lines and wrinkles and return form and shape to your profile.

Above all else, however, as your esthetician I am there to help you to ʻseeʼ yourself properly. Not with fear or dread but with kind, gentle, loving and self-accepting eyes. Not with judgement but with eyes that honour the years you have lived and rejoice in the trials and tribulations you have overcome.


Amanda Berlyn