Express beauty tips to be party ready in a flash

The festive season is in full swing. So we’ve put together some Express Beauty tips to help you get party ready in speedy time.


Smell incredible all night long by spraying your perfume on your hair so the scent wafts around with you. Also by spritzing your fragrance onto the ironing board before ironing, will help lock in the scent to your fabulous outfit.

When you feel like Rudolph

For a shiny nose, small squares of blotting paper work wonders in removing excess oil.

Mascara letting you down?

If your mascara isn’t performing and you need to plump up your lashes simply apply the first coat then apply a little translucent face powder. The powder will cling to the lashes helping to bulk them up at the base and lengthen the ends. Finish with another layer of mascara for party peepers.

Untraceable tiredness

If you’re looking tired then give your eyes a refresh. Remove any make- up smudges, then firmly press some creamy concealer into the inner corners of your eyes, brush eyebrows upward for a lift and finish with another lick of mascara.

Nurture your nails

Been wearing inky or dark red varnish and want to go for the natural look? Those heavy pigments can leave a lasting stain so rub a slice of lemon over nails and cuticles to lift the staining. Leave on for 5 minutes, wash off and apply some almond oil to restore the healthy sheen.

Fringe Fix

If your fringe is looking slightly greasy but you have no time to wash it, then just squirt some dry shampoo into the
roots. You can try Aveda’s new dry Shampure shampoo which smells amazing too.

No time for a blow dry?

For the best emergency up- do, pull your hair back into a bun in line with the tops of the ears as it makes your cheekbones look amazing. Finish with a dab of highlighter on the top of your cheeks and you’re done.

Need a persuader?

If you feeling like staying in rather than venturing out then a quick spray or inhale of a zesty essential oil will get you back on track. Grapefruit is a real mood lifter and will get you out of the house!


Lastly, if you have indulged a little bit too much, then glug a big glass of water and a sachet of Emergen-C before bed. It will help with hydration and soothe the sore head the next day.

Have enough rest and drink plenty of water, then you can sparkle through each party and present opening with ease. Enjoy!!! 


by Mandy Oxley-Swan