New Year New Finds

New Year New Finds


This January, we discover which ingredients and trends to look out for in 2017.

Last year saw a number of ingredients that promised successful effects on skin health. These results-driven ingredients became a staple in every beauty blog and every magazine due to their effectiveness.





Hydrating Hyaluronic acid, antioxidant Algae, pigmentation balancing Liquorice, anti-inflammatory Probiotics and detoxifying Charcoal are just some of the words we now recognise when scanning the contents on the back of bottles and jars.


We at Shine, are continuously looking for ways to offer our clients the most advanced and high-performance solutions to their skin concerns. The industry is constantly on the look out for the best new ingredients and technologies.

We know our clients well and would never offer anything that goes against our holistic ethos. The power of plants, super foods and anti-pollution beauty products are some of the key elements we seek for your skincare.


Here are the new ingredients that are coming to the forefront of the Beauty world that will be popular this year.




Fuelled by the desire for all things natural, botanical-powered skincare is becoming increasingly relevant to our industry. These ingredients can be extracted from flowers, herbs, seeds, roots and berries.

While we are already aware of the antioxidant quality of Green Tea and the anti-inflammatory nature of Chamomile, a newer addition to these extracts is Watercress Sprout.

Combined with other super foods, Watercress Sprout helps extensively with pigmentation. Research shows, that it regulates the formation of melanin and reduces brown spots, while preventing ageing of the skin.


Super Food Saviours




Super food has become a buzzword in its own right, but now super foods are not only available in food and drink, but in skincare too. Therefore, aligning your diet with your skincare may not be a bad idea.

Look out for Kale for its detoxifying properties, Spirulina for its anti-ageing effect and Turmeric for anti-inflammatory pigment-reducing offerings.




Anti Pollutants

sh_green city

Pollution in the air comes from a variety of sources. The most common are car fumes and smoke. When these pollutants reach our skin, they can destroy our skins DNA, causing premature ageing, pigmentation and more serious skin health conditions such as cancer. If you live in the city, pollution cannot be avoided, that is why this concern should be taken seriously.

Thankfully antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators come to the rescue so that this problem can be tackled smoothly. Marula Oil is a new ingredient that contains all three.

Amanda Coveney, Managing Director for Skinbrands explains its qualities: “Skinbrands’ favourite new ingredient is Marula oil, an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-ageing, anti-free radical that promotes healthy collagen and elasticity whilst being healing, nourishing and calmative. Its origin is from the Marula Tree revered in Africa and is a botanical treasure for wound healing, scarring reduction, anti-ageing and general hydration and skin softening.”



sh_health-waterThe last decade has been all about health and hydration. There are so many new phrases and terms floating around the beauty and skin health industry, but one thing never changes: Hydration. Though this is not a new discovery, the way to achieve skin hydration is constantly evolving.


Many professional skincare brands have started using Polarised Water, which enables active ingredients to be encapsulated into small water clusters. These are then more easily absorbed into the cells; hydrating them and making them work correctly, whilst a more even distribution of active ingredients is achieved.




The New Year is the perfect time to take on new challenges and to raise our health care needs up to the next level. Lets greet new ingredients and be open to new findings. Our skin will be thankful for that.


Dana Vronksa