6 winter skincare tips

Ahhh, winter.

Nothing spells disaster for your skin like icy winds, freezing downpours and moisture-sapping central heating. These combined factors strip it of moisture and leave it feeling stressed, parched and far from radiant.

Here are some tips to bring your skin back to life.

1. Avoid foaming cleansers
Swap them for something creamier or try a cleansing oil instead.

2. Massage your skin
Ensure you massage well: it gets your frozen circulation going.

3. Hot is not the answer
Wash with warm, not hot, water. The cold air may make you yearn for hot water but it will strip your skin.

4. Stick with the exfoliation
This is essential to remove the build up of dead skin cells on dehydrated skin and get the glow back into winter-weary skin.

5. Get your skin a cardigan
Try a soothing serum to nourish your skin. You can think of it as your cardigan. Don’t forget to apply your coat – your moisturiser – on top. Look for a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid as this acts like a moisture magnet.

6. Keep paying lip service
Lastly, don’t forget your lips. As they don’t produce sebum, they can get dry very quickly: keep them well protected with a slick of balm.

That’s it. All done. You should be looking radiant and ready for the festivities.

By Mandy Oxley-Swan