A beauty workout for your face …

If you want to tone your body, you’ll probably head for the gym, but have you ever thought of subjecting your facial muscles to a similar routine? There are a surprising number of them: in your, forehead, eye area, nose, lower cheek, lip area and chin. Facial exercises refine our expressions and shape our features. The more toned and invigorated the tissue is, the more worry lines are softened.

Dr.Hauschka’s Facial Gymnastics are exercises that actively strengthen and train the facial muscles to achieve their best possible form, function and elasticity. They are taught over three one hour sessions, ideally one to two weeks apart. In each one you’ll learn to perfect three or four exercises. The effects are cumulative, but most clients quickly notice an improvement in their skin tone.

Practiced regularly, the exercises help to tone sagging skin, improve circulation reduce puffiness, and soften wrinkles, leaving you looking and feeling revitalised.

Facial Gymnastics are ideally paired with the Dr.Hauschka Facial Firming treatment. Together they provide a comprehensive option for those concerned about premature aging, or those who simply wish to maintain or improve their skin, whatever their stage of life.

Here is a quick exercise for the forehead

A great beginner’s exercise to work your forehead area, which you should ideally do in front of a mirror:

  • Start by raising then relaxing your forehead.
  • Next, place both hands loosely on top of each other on your forehead and raise and relax it again, so that your hands move passively with your skin.
  • Now keep your hands in the same position, but use them to create resistance while raising your forehead.
  • Keep the skin tensed for about five seconds then slowly relax. Repeat four times.
  • Finally, use circular finger movements to loosen your forehead.
  • Now close your eyes and savour how your skin feels.


By Amanda Berlyn

She practices at Shine, Newington Green.