A Comfy Vagus Nerve = A Comfy You

The Bowen Technique can help! Find out how with the advice of resident Bowen practitioner, Joanna Rzepczynska.

You might have heard about this vagus nerve somewhere.
You might even have heard that it is to blame…

The Vagus nerve is one of the Cervical Nerves in our body that originates in Brain Stem. All these nerves have very specific and important connections with other nerves and organs and even whole systems. The Vagus Nerve (also known as the “wandering” nerve) is the longest one we have and the only cranial nerve that extends beyond head and neck. In fact it runs down through our whole trunk and therefore affects many functions in our body and mind. It interconnects with many nerves in our face, neck and body influencing a big part our well being.


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In brief, what does it do?

It is a key player in mood and anxiety disorders.
It regulates digestion – swallowing.
It regulates respiration and heart rate.
It regulates smooth muscle activity and that of lymphatic vessels.
It is involved in reflex actions such as coughing, sneezing and vomiting.
It controls immune function and inflammation in the body.

Vagus nerve can be overstimulated or under stimulated when constricted, either way it would cause disturbances in one or all the systems mentioned above. That can cause many of uncomfortable and problematic symptoms that affect our daily life in many ways, some of then being very subtle and some much less.


Examples of some health issues related to the dysfunction of cranial nerves would be:




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*general tension
*difficulty concentrating
*feeling down
*digestive problems 
*difficulty sleeping
*frequent colds
*minor repetitive infections







*excessive worry
*tension in neck and shoulders   
* lack of energy
*migraines /headaches   



*lump in the throat   
*back pain   
*jaw clenching or teeth grinding   
*eye and facial tension   





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We are one mechanism with multiple systems operating within and Bowen Technique is a therapy that treats the person as whole. By nature Bowen Technique triggers a nervous system response in the body so it can heal, re align and recorrect on many levels ; mental, physical alignment and chemical too (hormonal).

Bowen Technique involves structural assessment (symmetry of the body) and gentle rolling moves are made on the body to affect and correct.
It is as if we were reseting the system - the body receives a stimuli that becomes like a message that goes to the brain. In return the brain -through the nervous system and bodily tissues tells it to change. This allows healing on different levels because our bodies know best what needs to be done;)

In addition many of the Bowen Technique moves are made in the bodily locations that can stimulate regulation of the Vagus Nerve and therefore all the systems it affects.
It is a very encompassing treatment , deeply relaxing, letting the body and mind know that the emergency is over so the nervous system can come out of the fight and flight mode which allows it to “operate” smoothly and efficiently.





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