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SH Health Bespoke Apothecary Aromatherapy Holistic Health Self Care Oils London N16 ZoomFinding your inner ‘Shine’ from afar with Amanda Berlyn’s Bespoke Apothecary. Available at Shine, Newington Green or via Zoom.

I am delighted to be launching an added offering to my Aromatherapy services at Shine.

My aim is to provide the highly effective, yet gentle life enhancing nature of essential oils in a simple, enjoyable way that enables people to nurture their wellbeing every day & to enjoy creating a sanctuary at home. 

You’re welcome to experience this new service as a one off blend or sign up to a quarterly aromatic subscription to support yourself or a loved one. This service is not only for those missing the opportunity, due to covid restrictions, to book in for an in-person Aromatherapy treatment with me, but also I hope to encourage anyone looking for a beautiful way to enhance their wellbeing & mental health resilience. This could be for you (the reader) or kindly shared with a gift certificate given to anyone you know!

We will have a consultation together where you’ll share how you’re feeling physically & emotionally, we’ll speak on your current state of health & any aspects of your personal history that may feel relevant to share in the present. This conversation will help us ascertain together the focus for your blend, & help me decide which oils to make use of. 

After the consultation I’ll produce a handmade trio of Amanda’s Apothecary products, your SH Health Bespoke Apothecary Aromatherapy Holistic Health Self Care Oils London N16 Zoomtherapeutic blend delivered as 1 x 10ml concentrate, 1 x 10ml rollerball & 1 x 50ml spritz, concocted in an intuitive way.

Your bespoke concentrated blend may be used in an aroma diffuser, mixed into a body oil or favourite lotion. You can run a bath or make a foot bath with a few drops in the water for an aromatic relaxation ritual. 

Your rollerball, when applied to pulse points, is an effective way to address your central nervous system helping to sooth feelings of stress & anxiety. Rolling your blend into the palms of the hands & inhaling whilst breathing deeply can effectively bring a sense of wellbeing. 

I will also mix, with especially chosen floral water & Australian Bush Essences, your personal blend to create the 50ml spray. This lovely addition to the products can set the tone for bedtime, or aromatically end the working day at home, or simply create space for meditation. Equally used as a refreshing boost after exercise, a shower or to freshen the face during the day! 

Bespoke Aromatherapy options for you:

Bespoke Blend • Single Experience – A 1hr Initial Consultation + full set of products • £140

Bespoke Blend • Quarterly Subscription
– 1st Quarter  you will enjoy a 1hr Initial Consultation + a set of products • £140
– Each Quarter thereafter  you would have a follow up Consultation + set of products • £90 

 Personal Blend 10ml Roller Ball
• on the day take home supplement 
– Available as an add on option with any Face2Face Aromatherapy Massage • £10

Amanda Berlyn

Available once monthly in person at Shine or Zoom Consultation by appointment.

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