Behind the scenes: Integrated Bodywork.

Omer Harpaz now offers Thursday evenings at Shine, Newington Green Green as well as his Friday daytime sessions. His speciality is Integrated Bodywork for acute and chronic pain, so here’s a quick behind-the-scenes look at the benefits offered by his treatments and what to expect.

Omer’s innovative hands-on bodywork treatment aims to help promote balance, ease of movement and a sense of wellbeing. It reduces stress and relieves pain. Combining both soft tissue work and homeopathic craft, it offers a unique approach to integrated structural health.

The body responds to strain and stress by tightening and shortening. Omer works with the soft tissue to relieve the strain and stress patterns that cause restriction of movement and result in pain. As the body becomes more balanced, physical and emotional stress reduces, posture improves, breathing capacity increases and aches, pains and injuries can be more effectively healed.

A typical session begins with a consultation covering the particulars of your complaint, your general health history and your lifestyle. A physical assessment is done and your desired outcomes for your treatment are discussed.

The consultation is followed by targeted hands-on work. Different manual techniques are used: dry, wet or using therapeutic crea. Massage, trigger points and craniosacral techniques are complemented by breath work and relaxation.

At the end of the session your movement, complaints and sensations are reviewed and further advice given to support your ongoing healing.By Omer Harpaz

For more information go to Integrated Bodywork.