Bowen Technique – Britain’s Hidden Gem Therapy

Joanna, Resident Bowen Technique Practitioner at Shine N16,discusses the amazing power of Bowen Technique, a treatment that is incredibly popular in Australia but is somehow under the radar here in the UK.

Over 10 years ago, I came across Bowen Technique by chance, not knowing what it was or how it worked. Someone offered it to me as a postgraduation practice. I didn’t have any problems to be dealt with (so I believed) but I also had nothing to lose, so I agreed. I received the treatment, and it changed my life in a moment!

My body released long held trauma that I wasn’t even aware of. At first, I wasn’t even sure what had happened, but with time the depth of my healing became clear to me. I was so amazed that I enrolled on the training soon after and my adventure with this gentle, yet profound therapy begun.

Bowen Technique is a gentle yet incredibly deep therapy- a gentle touch with an amazing response! This therapy lets the body know that the emergency is over, and that the healing can begin. Bowen works on every level; physical, chemical, spiritual and intellectual, as it works in collaboration with our nervous system. A sort of inside job initiated by the outside touch. Our body knows best what needs recorrecting. Bowen works like a tool setting that mechanism off.

Our bodies create a compensatory response coming from different injuries, traumas or misalignments. This often results in the change of dynamic patterns in the body, leading to more injuries or pain.

Bowen Technique allows structural realignment of the whole body back to its most optimum state, of even before the injury. It then makes space for more balance, bringing symmetry back to the body, which then frees us from compensation patterns.

Through my practice, I have seen many people heal in a way that is totally unique to them. I have witnessed them release old pains and relax in such a way that they hadn’t experienced before; becoming free from headaches, back, knee or neck pain, menopausal symptoms, anxiety and sleeplessness to mention just a few. Some people were able to avoid surgery as their body aligned. Everybody is different and their body creates a different story. This is precisely what I love about Bowen most- it is received differently by everyone, yet the results are consistently powerful and positive.

How does Bowen Technique differ from massage?

As we know massage is a continuous hands-on therapy using different amounts of pressure and techniques of manipulation (depending on the type of massage). In Bowen Technique, even though it is still hands-on, gentler pressure is used and rather than stroking, rolling movements are performed over bodily structures and then hands are removed, for the body to realign.

In massage we release tension manually, whereas in Bowen, we send a message through the nervous system for the body to “correct” itself and then give it the space to do so.

*Research shows blood results before and after Bowen sessions, with astonishing differences. After treatment, the blood was shown to be much more oxygenated and cells more nourished. That’s how deeply Bowen Technique works within the body.

Have you got an issue and tried every therapy so far without resolution? It is time to have Bowen Technique for long lasting results!

Bowen Technique can also be a fantastic treatment for whilst you are pregnant or for your baby.

“Joanna’s Bowen treatment has been amazingly effective in dealing with my back problems. I feel more relaxed than I can remember – even with working at a desk all day! – and am no longer experiencing the back aches and stiffness I have suffered from for years since I injured my back.
The treatment not only gave me relief from back ache but a general sense of well-being and calm. I have had many other kinds of treatment for my back over some time including osteopathy but I have found Bowen technique to be the best – much gentler, yet profound and long lasting. Joanna is a very skilled and sensitive practitioner and I am so glad I found her. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” Lizzie.

Joanna – Acupuncturist and Bowen Technique Practitioner