3-5 minute Centering Meditation & essential oil immune boost

It’s important to come back to balance when the mind escalates into worry about the future. , especially when it comes to the uncertainty of Coronavirus, It is easy to go into fear mode wondering about something that may or may not happen.

SH Health MeditationThis is a centering meditation that will bring you back into alignment.

It can take just 3-5 minutes just to feel calm centred and grounded again. This meditation can be done seated in a chair, or sitting on the ground.

Make sure you are warm and comfortable and that you will not be disturbed for the next 5 minutes.

Take a slow breath in through the nose, slowly exhale out through your mouth, breathing out a long sigh with gentle sounding HAaaaa breath, relaxing your jaw and face. Repeat a few times.

Now Bring attention to your sitting bones, become aware of the felt sensations of sitting. You might like to imagine you have nice strong roots descending into the earth with the feeling of strength, balance and support.

In your minds eye, locate your spine, being very aware that this resides in the very Center of your being.

As you slowly breathe in, imagine you are breathing up the spine to the crown, tracing the journey with your breath and your attention.

As you slowly exhale, keep the lift of the spine, imagine you are breathing all the way down the spine to the base, and that you are releasing any worries and concerns.

Keep breathing in this way, inhaling slowly up the spine to the crown and exhaling back down to the root.

Repeat a few more times until you feel calm, cantered and grounded.

When you are ready to end the meditation, bring your awareness to the stillness of your body, the sensations of sitting quietly and notice how you feel from the practice.

These 3 essential oils are immune system supporters and are good to use in steam inhalation.

Choose 2 essential oils and add just 1 drop each in boiled water (2 drops max).

Tea Tree : Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal
Peppermint: colds, flu, fever
Lavender: anti toxic anti microbial analagesic properties

You can make a great oil blend with these three essential Oils that will help the immune system. They are all good at treating flu aches and pains.

In 15ml base oil blend 3 drops each total 9 drops for a 3% blend.

Rub the blend into achey areas. 

Florentina Lam Clark – Massage Practitioner and Aromatherapist at Shine, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.