Craniosacral therapy – soothing secrets of the heart

Do you suffer from anxiety, palpitations or panic attacks which can set your heart rate spiraling in such an alarming fashion?


If so, there’s a potentially welcome alternative to traditional courses of treatment, which might involve drugs or psychotherapy – and it’s so gentle, it’s commonly recommended for pregnant mums.

While craniosacral therapy can often play a vital role in the relaxing, healing treatment of soon-to-be mums, new mums and their babies, it also offers benefits to anyone who struggles with the symptoms of undue stress.

It’s a therapy, which can help support the heart by treating the circulatory system and releasing mechanical tensions within the body, and it simply involves an in-tune therapist’s light, relaxing touch to the skull, face, spine and pelvis.

While enhancing fluid flow and treating the connective tissue and muscles that comprise and surround the heart and the peripheral circulatory system, craniosacral sessions can balance the distribution of body fluids, aiding arteries and veins and easing the amount of work the heart has to do.

It’s a deeply rebalancing and calming treatment.

By Alfredo Hunter