EFT Workshop – Managing stress and overload

How to be the best version of ourselves to meet our potential with Marian Fixler, Shine Church Street N16.

Marian Fixler LLB(Hons), DipAc, ClinAc(China), MAAMET Advanced EFT Practitioner

This two-session group course will give you the opportunity to identify what is causing stress in your life and how to manage it better. We all know that when we are in a more relaxed state we are better able to cope with the challenges of life and to be more effective and productive…not to mention, more creative.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is not about being free from emotions but is a really helpful tool to enable us to manage our emotions in a way that doesn’t overwhelm us and allows them to come and go; a little bit like watching passing traffic from the side of the road.

EFT – also known as ‘tapping’ – literally involves tapping on easily accessible acupuncture points on the upper part of the body at the same time as identifying and voicing problems/issues/negative emotions/pain etc that cause dis-ease in the body. As part of the tapping protocol, we also reinforce positive affirmations to counteract the judgments that we so readily make of ourselves.

In a group setting, all members of the group benefit from tapping even if all the things we tap on are not directly relevant to each of us. There will be plenty of common themes that we will address as well as opportunities to work on more specific areas identified by members of the group.

At the end of these sessions, you will have learnt a really valuable tool that you can take into your every day life and use whenever you need to, not only for yourself but maybe also for members of your family.

“Tapping targets the root cause of health and wellbeing challenges by interrupting the body’s stress response quickly and effectively. Tapping is a powerful tool for enabling health on multiple-levels: mental, emotional and physical. From depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders to physical pain and a lot, lot more, tapping is producing consistent and compelling results.”
Mark Hyman M.D

Marian has been in practice as an Acupuncturist for 28 years and an EFT practitioner for ten years.

To register, please contact Marian directly on: m.fixler@japaneseacupuncturelondon.com or call 07966 411582

For more information, please visit her website: https://japaneseacupuncturelondon.com


Monday 8th July and Monday 15th July.

TIMES: 7pm – 8.30pm

VENUE: Shine on Church Street

COST: £60 for two sessions