Eyelash Extensions Vs The Eyelash Lift

Having beautiful long eyelashes has always been desirable but is particularly on trend these days.

Lots of women are going for the individual eyelash extensions that are put on top of their natural lashes.

I tried the extensions a couple of years ago, when one of my fellow colleagues did it for me. I’d asked for the most natural look she could do, nothing too extravagant or over the top and she did a great job. However the whole process took a really long time to apply them, something like 1.30 – 2 hours and I had no other choice than to keep my eyes shut for ages. Although I am quite a patient person, I struggled with this process. The maintenance was quite difficult too, as I love sleeping on my stomach, face down or on my side and I’d wake up with either a missing lash or a few poking out in all directions. The most annoying part of this was that as soon as you start losing an eyelash which happens in about a week to 10 days time, you find yourself looking ridiculous and you need to go back to have a refill and of course pay for it, so it becomes like a vicious circle, as you constantly keep losing an eyelash. I also found out that once they fell off, my own eyelashes seemed to be damaged or some of them were missing.

At the end I decided that I couldn’t be bothered with it, so I started looking for other alternatives for enhancing my natural eyelashes by adding length and volume without damaging them.

And I found it….The Eyelash Lift Treatment

I am an eyelash lover, and I have fairly long lashes, but I struggle with their lack of curl, so I found that this treatment is just Eyelash Extensions Vs The Eyelash Liftperfect for me. It works also on the shorter lashes. What it does is lift your own natural lashes and you can have them tinted too, so it looks like you’ve got mascara on, but without the annoying part of smudging. You can choose a small, medium or large level of lift; depending on how much drama you’re after. Your flutter will last for around 6 to 8 weeks so it’s just perfect for a special event or a holiday and it won’t damage your eyelashes at all, or make you lose any of them. YAY…just brilliant!

Eyelash Extensions Vs The Eyelash LiftThe treatment takes an hour and is not painful at all. You might get the odd sting from the solution, but not a biggie. Most likely you’ll find yourself falling asleep, as while you are waiting for both solutions (the perming lotion and the fixing lotion) to work, you’ll receive a free hand or scalp massage for around 30 mins.

The procedure begins with your therapist removing any eye make up, mascara or oil residues. A small silicon shield is then glued on each of your lids close to the lash line and your lashes are gently lifted and pressed onto the shield. A perming lotion is then applied, left to set for 15 mins and then removed. Next, neutralising lotion is applied for the same amount of time.

Lastly a tint is applied. As you don’t want to dehydrate your lashes, the tint is applied for 2-3 minutes only. I usually recommend going for the blue-black colour to add more drama and longer lasting results.

If you want the full lash tint done, ie the top and bottom lashes, the tint is left on for 10 minutes. I highly recommend waiting a week after the lash lift to get the full tint done.

We at Shine offer the Eyelash Lift and are so excited about the response to this new lash treatment. So if you’re fed up with using the lash curler every morning, why not look into this?

Book yourself in, get an hour of pure relaxation and see the amazing results yourself!

We are giving you a FREE eyebrow shape or eyebrow tint if you book the Eyelash Lift treatment this March.

Remember to quote the March promotion when you book in.


Desi Petkova