Four Keys to Health


New habits do not need to involve drastic changes or crazy fads.


The key is to go back to basics and keep things simple!





In the modern world we are juggling a lot of stress and there is very little time for ourselves. We have a job, family and daily responsibilities, which can take us out of our center and make us feel overwhelmed. As a result the body and mind gets blocked and creates a physical and emotional unbalance, which shows up in repetitive pain patterns or mental overload.

“Out with the old and in with the new” for me, means to find balance inside oneself, at the very core. From that point we are able to have the space to feel and therefore make clearer choices and decisions. We give ourselves the chance to tap into our feelings instead of using our head, so we stay connected, create awareness and understand when it is time to nurture ourselves and take care of our bodies in a better way.


That’s all very well, I hear you say, but how do you realistically do that?


Breath. Water. Detox. Food.

The four keys sources of health, wellness and feeling as good as new.



In my personal life I try to keep a healthy routine that makes it possible to stay clear, grounded, healthy and balanced. I start my day with breathing exercises, which is part of all yoga practices. Even if I don’t have much time to put aside for exercise or meditation, I make sure I dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to it. Any time is better than nothing and it works.

Water is paramount.

It is vital to drink good quality water, preferably out of a glass bottle. It will cleanse your body and just like the breath, it will help to renew your cells. You can also put desired energy into your water, check out the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto for guidance and information.

You are what you eat……but first clear the system.

Before you spend lots of time, money and energy on excellent quality food, it is wise to check your condition first and make sure the body is able to take the goodness from the food, otherwise it will not work. We are living in a toxic environment, which can make us feel sluggish and tired, a yearly colon cleanse will help your system to work properly.


Pay attention to what you eat and how you eat it. We hardly make enough time to eat, especially at work. All too often we choose the fast and cheap way, we forget about nourishment and nutrients that our bodies need. Detox the system first and then start putting the good stuff in – it will work like magic!


In my work as a massagsh_health_deeptissuemassage3_280e practitioner I combine my experience and intuition with a mix of eastern and western approaches. The focus is on a physical as well as on an emotional and energetic level; tapping into the clients’ needs and following the flow of my hands. It enables me to give a unique, bespoke treatment for each client.


A massage treatment will make you realize what it means to feel good. The body and mind get a chance to recover step by step and the result is healing long term, whether it is a physical injury or a holistic matter.


My approach is to read the body with my hands and to change the muscle memory, set it back into neutral and get rid of old mental and physical patterns to inspire comfort and well being.
Most people wait too long and often experience more discomfort than necessary and end up getting sick and spending a lot of money.

This summer I will spread my wings and work between London and Ibiza. My new approach to work is offering me the opportunity to grow. I’ll be working for retreats on the Island, diving into the experience. I look forward to sharing my journey with you during my London trips.


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