Free Online Wellbeing Circle

“Wellbeing Circle” is a monthly online class that builds your awareness and skills in the art and practical science of an integrated, holistic and sustainable sense of wellbeing.

Run by Sarah Warman

I normally offer graded ticket prices from £15-£25 (pay what you feel), but I am offering this class for free if its your 1st online session, or if you are one of my 1-2-1 clients for Alexander Technique.

Exploring the interconnected nature of the mind, body, soul and our environment, we create a robust Wellbeing Circle, within and between us.

– Enjoy your everyday tasks with greater ease and more freedom in your body

– Have the tools to release pain any time it comes up with ease

– Learn simple and effective practices to use every day to build up your resilience and prevent burn out

– Have the skills to cope with stressful situations

 Alexander Technique roots my approach in a practical, proven scientific method, shown to be a reliable treatment for back pain and all posture related issues, as well as stress and anxiety. It builds skills of awareness in how we react to stress and hold tension in our bodies and minds and how that reflects in our movement, and habits and behaviours. It teaches a new way of moving, thinking and being.

My speciality and passion is getting to the root of the problems in identifying the psychological habits beneath the physical habits, using other approaches I have learnt along the way, and working towards a more robust, longer term solution that will have positive ripple effects into the whole of our lives.

This class offers an opportunity to gather together to explore this powerful grounded work in a safe, held space, to connect and grow with a supportive community, in a range of activities and reflection individually and in groups, whilst I guide and support. Each month there will be space to share challenges around different themes, reflect and explore movement and embody this work together, with practical tips.

The next class is June 12th at 10.30am -12pm and its online so you can join no matter where you are or how you feel. All are welcome. The theme for the next class is ‘Navigating Change’ – and all that can trigger and bring up in us, and some useful ideas to support you in your process, mentally and physically.


Claire “I thought it was really great! It provided for me everything I was hoping it would  … I enjoyed listening to other people’s journey’s, & hearing what everyone got out of each part of the session. It made me think, & it also made me realise how much the practice is helping me! Being in a group gave me perspective, in a positive way… It was really well paced & every part was useful…I REALLY enjoyed the cushion/ball exercise at the end. It really helped bring together the tools/thinking that AT gives you. It also reminded me of a yoga move I enjoy/get a lot out of”

Jane: “I really enjoyed Sunday’s session.  It was good to meet other people and hear their different perspectives on things…. You got a good balance between talking and physical work.