Hot Stone Reflexology – relax and float away…

Hot Stone Reflexology – relax and float away…

Hot Stone Reflexology is a technique which incorporates the use of volcanic basalt stones within a reflexology session to further enhance the benefits of the treatment. The heat from the stones helps to relax the muscles and reflex areas for up to 7cm deeper into the tissue than finger pressure. It’s warming, deeply relaxing and soothing, helping to melt away tension and anxiety.Reflexology-Foot-Chart NLWarm stones have been used as a tool for massage to promote wellbeing, with evidence dating back centuries to ancient China, Egypt and Japan.

Stones are firstly used to massage the lower legs (below the knees) and feet to enhance energy flow. The heat from the stones quickly opens the reflex pathways bringing about a much deeper level of relaxation than reflexology alone. Smaller stones are then used to work the reflex areas and points of the feet. This is combined with finger pressure, each session being slightly different to suit your individual physical and emotional needs. It’s also an unbeatable for treat for anyone with an enjoyment of feeling profoundly pampered!


The effects and potential benefits of hot stones include:

  • improved blood circulation
  • lymphatic drainage and the lymphatic function
  • helps to promote a balance of body and mind, which may bring about physiological changes as well as improving energy flow
  • promotes the release and elimination of toxins
  • boosts immunity
  • relieves tension in connective tissues
  • reduces muscular tension which will help muscles to relax and repair more efficiently.


This is a non-invasive treatment on a massage bed or Lafuma chair, where the client is fully clothed and only needs to expose the lower lower leg and feet. It isn’t recommended for anyone with high blood pressure or if you’re pregnant in the first trimester.

At the end of a session, most clients say they felt like they had an outer-body experience, or as if they floated away during the treatment. The word is quickly spreading as so many of those who have enjoyed the new experience soon go on to recommend Hot Stone Reflexology to their friends!

By Cinnamen Johnson