How Postural Re-Education can help you.

SH Postural hipThe Mezieres method of Postural Re-Education, is a highly sophisticated method of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of postural problems.

How the Meziere’s method works:

 It starts with a fundamental objective examination, where postural and muscular problems are highlighted and consequently indications are given to improve health, using the method over a period of sessions.

 Manual manoeuvres are made with the main purpose of re-balancing the muscles, especially with the lengthening of the most contracted muscles and to balance agonist and antagonist muscles. Great results are obtained when the practical execution (which is not a simple massage but a precise stretching work) , is performed by a trained therapist to rebalance opposing forces and avoid overcompensation.SH Health Marathon Runners

 The use of the Mezieres method is very useful for all muscular problems in patients with orthopaedic and neurological pathologies, but it can be equally useful in the prevention of injury and the rebalancing of muscles of athletes that compete in any type of sports activities or simply those who are interested in gaining greater wellbeing for their body.

Dr Laura Bertele is the only true heir of Francoise Mezieres who was under his tutelage and then taught alongside him for years. Compared to Francoise Mezieres, Dr Laura Bertele has expanded the use of the method aimed at people of all ages. Moreover, as an orthopaedist, physiotherapist, and psychologist, she has started collaborations with other specialists, because she realized that the muscular system is in complex relation with psychology, immunology, ophthalmology, audiology, orthodontics and the PNEI network.

Emma Diani, our Resident Postural Re-Education Practitioner was trained in a direct chain from Laura Bertele. Here are some of her most recent reviews.

SH Postural Re 1“I have been in almost constant pain with my back for over 2 years. The pain was exacerbated by exercise and my simple daily tasks such as washing up. Standing at the sink became a chore. The pain was making me listless, and I never felt like doing anything so I was becoming quite sedentary.  I would have normally gone to my Osteopath but because of Covid this was not possible. I then re-discovered Hoxton Health and met Emma Diani who practices the Mezieres method/ Postural Re-education 

I have had 3 treatments so far which involved deep back massage and gentle stretches…


My posture is so much better and easier to maintain and now I can tackle that washing up! I am very conscious of my improved posture, and this has encouraged me to sit up straighter (but relaxed and natural) at work and at home. Wonderful.  Thank you, Emma,”


“I first discovered the Mezieres Method, or Postural Re-education, last July and have never looked back.  The Mezieres Method was developed by a French physiotherapist, Francoise Mezieres.  It treats the patient through active stretching and body awareness to rebalance the different muscle and joint chains, improving posture and alleviating pain.  I had key hole surgery on my right knee in 2017 for a meniscus tear, which was repaired.  Regular treatment with the Mezieres Method has helped to strengthen and alleviate pain, I walk away taller, straighter and stronger.”


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