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I dedicate this article especially to women after having C-sections, who are very often kept in the dark about possible scar treatment, and suffer as a consequence, although in many cases they could have been easily helped.


From my experience, the information about how scars affect our bodies is one of the most powerful eye-openers for many clients. Releasing the scar tissue can be the first step towards a healthier and pain free life.

What to expect from the scar

Post-operative scars can be problematic not only from an aesthetic point of view, they can also be a source of pain, restricting movement in different, often distant, parts of the body.

It’s worth knowing that deep scars, after a Caesarean section for instance, can cause pain in the lower back, crotch or even the shoulders (and that’s even decades after the operation). The same goes for appendectomy or any other post-surgical scars no matter the size.

How scars affect the body

If you tear a shirt and then stich it back together the material will gather where the tear was and the shirt won’t lie as perfectly as it used to before the damage. What’s more, the place of tear is going to be less stretchy and weaker. The same happens with the body.

After a surgical procedure our body heals the cut by forming new fibers, the problem is that they are reproduced at random and their alignment is chaotic when compared to normal tissue, which leads to an imperfect structure and lower functionality. As a result scars are less flexible, weaker and can feel numb or awkward when you touch them.

And it doesn’t only refer to the skin. Deep scars affect the fascia (remember this term, as we’re going to go back to it very often)which is a tissue like a membrane packaging, that covers and connects everything in our bodies, our muscles, organs, nerves and vessels.

The fascial structure is designed in an incredibly organized way, in order to transfer the force throughout the body, so that we can move in the most ergonomic and effective way.

When this organized structure is disrupted by a chaotic bundle of fibers from scar tissue, the tension stops being spread evenly and it can have a disproportionally large impact on different areas, which is where you can start feeling pain or discomfort.

What is more, the fibers of fascia gather around the scar, pulling on the surrounding areas. This is the reason why some women who have a C-section scar find it hard to straighten the abdomen, which is causing them to slouch. Some women feel it right away, and some years after, they often have discomfort in their lower back for a long period of time despite having regular back treatment or massage.

When a woman undergoes an operation where the doctor surgically removes the baby from her uterus, the abdomen cut goes through the skin, belly muscles and the uterus and of course through the fascia that lies under the skin, envelops the muscles and the organ. That’s a lot of layers, and they all form their own scar tissues!

That’s why the scar-related imbalance doesn’t only affect the body’s movement but can also impact our internal organs. Restrictions of this kind can lead to constipation, bloating, painful menstruations, and in severe cases may even impede fertility.

C-section scar care

Scars can and should be massaged and mobilized. Once they are released they are flexible enough not to affect surrounding tissues. To do it right without hurting yourself it’s best to see a physiotherapist a few weeks after an operation. They will massage it for you at the beginning when the scar tissue is newly healed and teach you how to do it yourself afterwards.

Whether your C-section scar is new, several months or years old, performing this massage can help you avoid problems down the road. It’s never too late! It may sound like a lot of work but spending just five minutes a day, can do great things in releasing scar tissue and increasing mobility in your lower abdomen.

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Belly Balance Practitioner

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