JOYS OF SPRING … OR NOT … Japanese Acupuncture for Hayfever sufferers

It’s that time of year again…buds are finally shyly starting to come out and there’s a freshness & brightness in the air. After our long hard winter, we can all relax our shoulders, having been tensed up against the cold for so many months. In Chinese medicine, spring is the time of Yang rising, the potential for life coming into its own; Wind being a predominant environmental influence at this time.

For hayfever sufferers, this time of year may not be so welcomed as the prospect of, at times, debilitating symptoms start to manifest – itchy, runny eyes, nose and throat – the more pathological signs of Wind causing havoc in the system and tiredness sets in.My experience is that the most effective approach for those considering acupuncture, is to come for treatment BEFORE the symptoms start to manifest and take hold. This gives us time to support and build up your immune system before it gets worn down by the debilitating effects of the allergy. I have also found that regular home treatment using a series of acupuncture points that can be stimulated by simple tapping is an invaluable addition to the treatment.So, don’t wait till things get really bad, come for some treatment early in the season!
Marian Fixler, MBACc, Acupuncturist
Shine Holistic