Lockdown. Resting vs Productivity

How to accept all that comes up during Coronavirus Lockdown, with Life Coaching support, from Valina at Shine, Church Street, London.

SH Health book and flowers corona virus lockdown resting productivity reading writing london N16 holistic health lifecoachingNow is a precious window of time for us to rest and reflect. You may have found that there are things that you now have time to do, but somehow aren’t getting around to them.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start, or have feelings of listlessness or anxiety that are getting in the way.

Perhaps you find it difficult to stay with yourself, due to bottled up feelings or you simply want to do nothing, but then beat yourself up for this.

Being able to speak to a qualified Life Coach at this time, can be a very rewarding experience. Through dynamic conversations you can take out the blockages and the negative self talk that is keeping you in angst.

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