Matters of the Heart.


Some things in life we can take for granted or we can just forget how incredible they are and what they give us. The heart is one of those things.



The human heart is the organ that pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to all tissues, removing carbon dioxide and other wastes. The heart is also considered on a spiritual level as the beating essence within us all that gives us life. The heart is the core, the centre, the vitality. It has many connotations.



There is the heart that the doctor operates on, the heart that can become broken from love or the heart that can be praised. It is identified with the very soul of the individual. When we struggle emotionally or physically, the heart is our constant guide to keep us on track but we have to listen to its beat.

During Reflexology, holding the delicate point on the foot that is connected to the heart, feeling the temperature for flow, then the reflexologytexture for a gravelly, lumpy or puffy touch to the hand, in the direct and surrounding areas, helps signify any in balance within the heart.

By working the connecting areas of the chest, shoulders and diaphragm, reflexology can help to enable the flow of blood and energy throughout the body and gradually open up the sense of self, aiding the breath in which we can hold within. Stretching the ribs open within the corresponding points on the foot and also calming the solar plexus will encourage posture and can calm the nervous system. Other relative points are reflected in the thoracic spine and adrenals, so as you can see, there is a wonderful broad spectrum to cover that all work as a team aiding the heart to recovery, be it from surgery or general tension experienced from stress and anxiety.


When away from reflexology, being bare foot helps to open up the flexibility of the arches and encourage the blood flow to the heart…pop some socks on though over the winter season!


I am grateful to have the experience and understanding of the matters of the heart within my Reflexology treatments, to help people centre the body and bring much awareness to how we hold ourselves and block pathways to our hearts without even knowing it.

Re-energising and opening ourselves up once again, by working the heart can be a very calming and awakening process. Now who wouldn’t want that!



Cordelia Bugeja