Mindfulness massage

Release worry, stress and tension from mind and body through this powerful treatment combining guided meditation and massage.

During hectic or stressful times, we often dwell on the past or worry about the future, losing touch with ourselves in the process. Mindfulness meditation helps you to detach from rambling thoughts and learn to live in the present and connect to your breath.

By combining it with massage, I enable you to tune in to your body’s thoughts and feelings and discover new meditation skills, which you can apply to your daily life.  Interactive yet relaxing, it eases and transforms tight, contracted muscles, while providing guided affirmations and visualisations that create positive feelings and thoughts. Pauses of stillness and silence are also integral to a treatment that helps restore wellbeing in a safe, nurturing environment.

As stresses and worries melt away and you learn to exist in a healthier way, mindfulness massage helps create the potential for real change in your life. By recognising and acknowledging emotions, while learning not to be crushed by them, you reconnect with your mind, body and spirit, and gain clarity of vision.

Achieving greater control over your thoughts helps promote an inner peace, which in turn allows you to cope better with life’s daily demands. Mindfulness massage is akin to taking a holiday without the need to travel: divorced from your phone and computer, your energy and vitality is thoroughly replenished.

For long-lasting benefits you can fortify the learning and practice of meditation by booking a series of sessions.
By Florentina Lam-Clark, holistic bodywork, yoga and meditation practitioner.
Florentina also teaches weekly meditation and yoga classes. To find out more, click here.