Open up this January

Hello winter! The cold season is upon us.
Time to reflect, write and digest the holidays…

The hunched postures curling in on themselves on each street corner, remind me how tough this season can be on our bodies. Leaving the house can often feel like a fight though right? Sadly, we can’t just get woken up in march.




The contrast between the warm indoors and cold outdoors, always brings the most interesting injuries of the year into my treatment room. So if the idea of taking off layers is sounding barbaric right now, then stay as you are and come and lie down for what the Thai affectionately call, the lazy man’s yoga.


Although most people associate this form of massage with exotic holidays and pain. It is in fact a sacred art form that can be as gentle as a feather light touch at times and as dynamic as night out dancing. Combining the richness of Ayursh_health_thaimassage4_280vedic medicine with the compassionate approach of Buddhism, it includes passive postures from yoga, subtle osteopathic techniques, deep compression strokes and gentle meridian work from Chinese medicine.


As a dancer I’ve always loved the unknown component in the alchemy of two bodies meeting for the first time. In its true form, every Thai massage session is different : the person, the body, the mood. Each factor alters the approach I choose to meet the client’s needs. Practicing in a meditative state, the live choreography is a response to what my hands, elbows and knees pick up from the client’s body.


Because of its therapeutic and preventative qualities, Thai massage is great for over the colder periods when bodies are feeling more sluggish . Thai Massage can unblock emotional and physical tensions as well as lift your mood and energy levels. The stretching aspect of this treatment is unique in being able to simultaneously target body posture, flexibility, blood circulation, digestive problems, back ache, head aches, insomnia, stress and breathing restrictions. Plus those bulky leg muscles really benefit from a great stretch as they rarely get a decent amount of attention paid to them.


So come and enjoy a Thai Massage this month and enjoy £5 off your treatment.

Lets start the new year afresh!


Mahab Kazmi

Thai Massage