Wedding Make Up: Professional or DIY ? The choice is yours.

On your wedding day, you will be the centre of attention. So what better day to let our expert team of make-up artists prepare your make-up?


We at Shine recommend that you book at least 1 make up trial before the big day. This is so important for the make-up artist and for you, as it is by far the best way to get to know your make-up artist.



Before the trial I always encourage clients and Beauticians to talk on the phone first. E-mails are great for getting basic information across, but speaking to someone can give us a greater insight into your individual style and personality. In turn, this helps us to prepare for the trial by giving us ideas of what to discuss and suggest when you arrive.


Once you’ve chosen to do a trial, there are ways you can prepare so that you get the most out of your time with us. First of all, find photos of things that you like, hair and makeup wise. Since it is possible that we have never seen you before and you’ll be arriving for your trial without any makeup on, photos of yourself that you are happy with are really helpful. We can look at a range of photos and even if they seem a bit unrelated to the eyes of the bride to be, we can usually pull a common theme from them. The most important step to getting the most out of your trial is communication. So this session is designed for open, honest requests, input and feedback, defining what you like and what you want, as well as having some fun with make up!


sh_beauty bridal trainersHaving the chance to try different looks, means that on the big day you are going to be confident and happy in the knowledge that the look you are wearing is the right one for you and is going to last.


Have a make up trial in the morning, so that you can see how the product wears throughout the day. It always looks perfect when it is first applied, but see how it looks after 3 or 4 hours. Take a photo with a digital camera (not with your phone camera) in natural daylight as soon as the make-up has been applied. Make sure everything looks perfect after the trial is over. Your make up artist will encourage you to contact them with any minor adjustments that you may want, so that they can be addressed on the wedding day.


While we at Shine strongly suggest that you book a professional make-up artist for your wedding, we also know that sometimes it’s just not on the cards.

Applying make-up to look as though you’re not wearing make-up is a real skill. “Why would anyone bother to do this?” I hear you cry. You are going to look back on these photos for years and years to come. There is immense pressure on us to look fabulous on the big day. The last thing you want is to be wearing make-up that just doesn’t feel right on you. What you want is to look like yourself, wearing the type of make-up that makes the most of your features.

Here are my DIY tips on applying a natural look Make-up fit for your wedding:sh_beauty_makeup2_280

Before applying makeup, always cleanse the face and neck using a Cleansing milk and cotton pads. Apply moisturiser.

Prep the skin with eye cream and a face primer. Using an eye cream will help with the application of under eye concealer and the face primer improves the texture of your skin for foundation application.

The primer I always use and my firm favourite, is the Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer, because it keeps the face more matte, but at the same time hydrated throughout the day, which is perfect for bridal makeup that needs to last for more than 10 hours.

Use a tinted moisturiser for a natural look, followed by face and under eye concealer. Finish with colourless setting powder.

Top Tip– If you prefer foundation, try and match it to your neck rather than your face, as you want your face colour to blend seamlessly between the two.

Prepare lids with lid primer and blend out with fingers. I like to use a creamy eye shadow like the ones from MOTIVES. Use a brush to slowly apply the eye shadow blending it into the socket line (but not all the way up to the eyebrows).

Do not dab a lot on all at once. Build the colour slowly and in layers. With a small brush, also add a tiny line of shadow under the eye. Then apply a tight line of colour to the root of the lashes using a flat stiff brush. Fill in brows as required.

sh_beauty makeup eyeCurl lashes with a rounded pad eyelash curler or try our EyeLash Lift Treatment at Shine, which will make your eyelashes stay up for at least 2 months. Apply waterproof mascara starting at the root and moving to the tip of each eyelash, making sure to define every single lash.

Use a cream blush for a daytime look. Use your hands to dab it on and then blend up and outwards. I always mix lipsticks to get the exact colour I want. Mix the colours directly onto your fingers, alternating lipsticks, and apply directly onto your lips.

Using a thick brush, dust the T-Zone with a loose setting powder. This sets the makeup and reduces shine.

And lastly remember….Having fun is the key to a beautiful face !!



Desi Petkova – Beauty Manager at Shine Holistic

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