Remote Osteopathic Consultations with Rehana

Rehana Kapadia, Osteopath at Shine, Church Street explains how online Ostepathic consultations can help you.

Health Online Osteopath Back Pain Lock down support Corona Zoom Skype RemoteShine are following up-to-date advice from Public Health England, regarding our clinic operation. As primary care health practitioners, Osteopaths are regulated by the statutory governing body, the General Osteopathic Council and we have been advised that we can safely treat patients in practice, wearing PPE.

I understand that this may be a difficult time for anyone experiencing pain, but not able to come into the practice if they are shielding or anxious about clinic contact. As we find ourselves in a time where high levels of stress and anxiety may also be impacting our physical health and vice versa, I wanted to reach out to new or existing patients to offer as much help as possible remotely.

How Remote Osteopathy May Help You

Osteopathy is classically a hands-on therapy, however the ‘whole body’ approach of osteopathic principles can still be used, away from the treatment couch, to help alleviate pain and related disorders.

With remote osteopathy, we will still have a verbal consultation, hear your concerns and use a video call to facilitate a visual examination. Based on this feedback, history-taking and using my experience and knowledge, it will be possible to make an assessment of symptoms and come to a working diagnosis. This will allow me to offer feedback on what my findings are.  We can then work through treatment measures – covering simple advice on ‘do’s and don’ts’, guided demonstrations of treatment through movement, breathwork, self-help osteopathic techniques and remedies to promote health.

So, while we may be restricted, in many ways, from the familiar setting for treatments, it is still possible to offer and provide remote osteopathic care during this time.

Phone or email consultation

If you text or email me first, we can arrange a time for me to call you. On the phone, we can discuss the presenting issue, with any background information, so that I can complete full clinical notes, based on our verbal consultation and issue appropriate advice on the phone and /or suggest a follow up video consultation, if this is deemed necessary.

Video consultation

Once we have spoken on the phone or exchanged emails, we can have a video consultation on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime, so that I can ascertain some visual information, regarding the exact area affected and note your range of motion and where any limitations are. I can then provide advice, guide you through functional movement exercise, plus any osteopathic techniques appropriate for self-treatment.

For babies and children

We can have a consultation, assessment, diagnosis and parent-led home remedial techniques lesson, with guided support in issues such as colic, reflux, flat head syndrome and feeding.

Remote Osteopathy can be useful:

If you are recovering from covid-19 and the associated symptoms of fatigue, achy body, tight chest or Long Covid with its myriad of symptoms.

Any back and joint problems
Postural strains
Stress related headaches or neck and shoulder pain
Women, during and after pregnancy
Babies and children
Where necessary, referrals can be made to your doctor for specialist medical investigations


Adults: £75 first consultation up to 1 hour and £65 follow up for 30 minutes.
Child:   £70 first consultation up to 1 hour and £60 follow up for 30 minutes.

Sliding scale also available

if your income has been affected and/or you are a keyworker.

Please text or email Rehana first on:

07931 768240


Rehana Kapadia, BA Hons, MA, BSc Hons Ost Med, MSc Paediatric Ost, DO, ND, MSCC