Shifting negative core beliefs


We all have core beliefs. Beliefs that we’ve inherited, we’ve chosen or we’ve created.


Beliefs are what help to colour the world around us. Beliefs are something we would be lost without. That being said there are some beliefs, and we all have them, that can get in the way of a happy and peaceful life.



I’m talking about some of the beliefs that we’ve created ourselves. Have you ever heard the voice in your head say…?

I’m not good enough
I’m not worthy of a happy relationship
I’m not smart enough to go for that promotion
I’m a failure!

These are the beliefs that are holding us back and are simply not true.

Take a moment to think about a negative core belief that you have. Got one? Now think about where this belief might have come from. This isn’t about finding people to blame, as by blaming others we are not taking responsibility for our own life and happiness. It’s about unde

rstanding why we might have this belief, which is a great tool to help us gain more insight into why we feel this way.

Then ask yourself…


Do I want to start changing and letting go of this belief?

And be honest with yourself. It can be that some beliefs have become so ingrained that if we were to let go of them we would feel like we were losing part of who we are, part of our identity. To begin to let go of a negative core belief you must first want to let go of it, to change it. That is the first and most important step.

If you’re ready to take that step, below are some further tools to help you on your way.

First thought

When embarking on this journey, you will start to recognise when the negative self-belief crops up in your everyday life. The most important thing to remember is to not give your self a hard time when it does. In fact the opposite! This journey is one of acceptance and self-compassion, which is so important to remember when working on your self.

‘I am’ to ‘I feel’

So where do we begin? Start by identifying that a feeling is associated with the negative belief and then change ‘I am’ to ‘I feel’. For example…

I’m not good enough, to I feel like I’m not good enough.

This begins to change what was originally a core belief into a feeling and feelings come and go; they do not define who you are. As you practice changing ‘I am’ to ‘I feel’, accept your feelings without judgment. Know that the feeling will pass as all feelings do. Realise this feeling is not your truth. It is an old message that no longer serves you.

Replacing the negative with a positive

Try replacing your negative belief with a new positive belief by putting it in context. For example…
I feel that I’m not good enough to I am good enough. I’m having a hard time because …. and I accept that. I’m working on these issues to become even stronger.
Accept the issues you’re

having, you’re only human after all, and think about all the positive things that are also part of these issues.

Repeat this new belief and notice how it makes you feel. How are these feelings different to the feelings you get when your negative belief takes over?


Making it physical

A way to begin imprinting a new positive belief into your core, is to do something physical that expresses how you feel right now, so that good feeling and that new positive core belief is embodied as a truth. So dance, sing, run or if you’re at work go make a cup of tea and turn up the radio. Get moving with this new positive belief. Our bodies hold onto memories that we may not even consciously know about. Create a new and positive memory for your body by associating movements with this new feeling and belief.





We’re all human and humans make mistakes, it’s a part of life, of learning and of growing. What we need to make sure is that when we make mistakes or things aren’t going the way we’d hoped, that our core beliefs are supporting us. You deserve that. You just need to believe it.


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