Shine’s Relationships



 National Friendship Day is at the end of this month, so we thought what a perfect opportunity to show you not only how Shine runs on a daily basis, but also what makes Shine such a unique and wonderful place to work, with its bonds of fun & friendships.




Shine is a place that keeps it’s employees so happy, that they want to stay year after year. Some of our team members have been here for over 13 years! You don’t hold onto happy employees for that long, unless you create a working family, which Shine definitely has. We wanted to give you an insight into parts of Shine you wouldn’t normally get access to or necessarily know about. At Shine we love to socialise outside of work, love hitting up the dance floor and most certainly love a good old fancy dress theme!


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Our Shine Teams




Shine’s Reception Team is stronger than ever! They are at the heart of the business; as not only are they responsible for carrying out daily admin tasks and ensuring great customer service, they are also the cognitive part of Shine’s functionality. Apart from the Managerial team they pick up the remaining managerial tasks & largely manage the relationships between the three departments. 


Reception Manager


Valina Stavropoulou

Head of Reception at Shine Holistic


Megan Rorke


sg_reception_gerda_280 (1)        sg_reception_hephzi_280        sh_reception_sanita_280

Gerda Vilutyte   ~  Hephzibah Roe   ~  Sanita Jonane


Shine recognises individual talents & utilises them. So although the reception team are constantly busy with receptionist tasks, they also get involved in other areas of the business, especially for the longer standing receptionists. Valina is also the office manager who deals with finance and has largely become everyone’s work agony aunt. Megan has her own cake business & bakes Shine a cake every Thursday. Holly blog’s for Shine, mostly concentrating on hair every month & organises major hair & beauty photo shoots once every 3 months. *Photini* who know’s reception like the back of her hand, crucially supports reception management & the head of reception roles, as well as doing many vital tasks such as handling Shine’s stock.




As we have two branches we have several wonderful Stylists & Juniors to introduce you to. So we have four levels of stylists; Stylist, Senior, Principle & Director, who vary in experience & therefore price. But sometimes people forget that without the Juniors none of our stylists would be able to run their day as smoothly as they currently do.


Shine HolisticShine on the Green


Sarah's image N16    sh_hair_rima_280Jessica, N16 Newington Green    sh_hair_Vincenzo

Sarah Reingruber   ~   Rima Yassine Jessica Elvin   ~   Vincenzo D’amore  

Senior Stylists

sh_hair_biji_280    sh_hair_isabel1_280    sh_hair_joanna1_280Lisa, hairdressing n16    sg_hair_rita_280

Bijoya Deb   ~    Isabel Oliva  ~   Joanna LeeLisa  Di-Gennaro~   Rita Petini

Principle Stylists

    sh_hair_lori    sh_hair_soniaHairdresser Newington Green    sh_hair_Marta

*Kate Neubecker*  ~  Lori Zorzut   ~  Sonia UgobounoAlex Scarsella   ~   Marta Cremades-Navao

Director Stylists

sh_hair_carla_280    sh_hair_cinn_280    Kate, hairdresser Stoke Newington    Alessandro Conforti    Hairdressing Newington Green    Eva Presenti hairdressing N16

Carla Octigan ~ Cinnamen Johnson ~ Kate NeubeckerSandro Conforti  ~ Clair Montgomery  ~  Eva Pesenti

Lara Proni hairdresser N16     Paola Hairdressing N16




& Sandro are also the Salon ManagersLara Proni  ~  Paola Grasso


Shine Juniors & Up coming Stylists.


cristiano    daniela    isabela    Iulian

Cristiano  ~  Daniela   ~   Isabella   ~   Iulian

jasmine    jennifer    johiem

Jasmine   ~   Jennifer   ~   Johiem   


Shine Juniors are one of the most important keys to the day to day running of Shine. As a client you often gain a close bond with your Stylist, but their work often wouldn’t be possible without the help & support of our fantastic Junior Team. Not only do they support Stylists, some also support the reception team as well; either when it’s busy or to give reception their breaks.




Again with having two branches we have several wonderful Beauty Therapists. Mostly the beauty therapist’s interchange between each branch, but we have two beauty managers there to support their staff at each branch.


Shine Holistic Beauty ManagerShine on the Green Beauty Manager


Dana VronskaDesi Petkova

Beauty Therapists

Ewa Beauty Therapist N16        Shines Relationships        sh_beauty_francesca        sh_beauty_sylwia_280        sg_beauty_yoana_280

Ewa Szymankiewicz   ~   Flavia Concetti   ~   Francesca Di Amicis   ~   Sylwia Pawlik   ~   Yoana Cojan

Yoana is currently on Materinity Leave so has been replaced by a lovely beauty therapist Annamarie.




Practice Manager


Sophie Mc Nicholas

There are currently 44 lovely practitioners working at Shine, offering a huge range of treatments, and it’s Sophie’s job to be the mastermind that strategically manages them over the two branches. She also manages social media, as well as being a massage practitioner herself, so she is a woman with many strings to her bow.


Practitioners working at the Healing Field, Glastonbury 2016.