Spring Detox – Simple steps to give your body a new lease of life

Spring Detox – Simple steps to give your body a new lease of life

The human body is beautifully designed to deal with all sorts of substances it comes into contact with and utilise the ones that are good for it and get rid of that which is bad.

However it’s job is much more difficult when there are more toxins to deal with and reduced function in the body to process these toxic substances.



So here’s some simple things you can do to help your body:


Do not let toxins enter your body

Avoid contact with toxic substances – chemicals, paints, solvents, insecticides, cleaning agents, and if you have to use them make sure you are properly protected. Toxins can easily enter the body through the skin and through breathing them in.


Eat fresh, unprocessed and organic food wherever possible

A good, wholesome diet with plenty of fresh pure foods is a prerequisite for long-term good health. Avoid eating fatty, sweetened or highly processed foods or foods with additives and preservatives. A good diet should have lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.


Drink plenty of water

Most people need to drink more – around 2 litres a day. Use filters or purifiers to remove chlorine and other toxins from the water you drink. Herbal teas can be drunk as well as water to make up your fluids.


Get elimination working before doing a full detox

The principal ways your body gets rid of toxins is through the bowel, the skin and urine. If you have less than one bowel movement a day, your bowel is in need of help. For your skin, saunas or sweating exercises are great and drinking enough fluids will help excrete toxins through your urine.

As the liver and kidneys process toxins, it’s a good idea to use herbs to support these organs before giving them an extra toxic load. If you do a major detox through diet, fasting or other means, toxins are released from fatty tissues and need to be eliminated quickly before they cause damage. Professional help is available from Shine practitioners who can give advice and appropriate herbal support.


Do not let toxins enter your body

A fast detox will only suit people who are constitutionally strong and could otherwise be harmful. Shine practitioners can help you choose the right approach for your body type. If you want to do a simple detox on your own, then keeping to a diet of mostly fruit and vegetables – cooked and raw is a good start.


Detox herbs for free

You may normally avoid touching stinging nettles, but this time of year they are great to pick and either brew as a tea or eat as a vegetable. They cleanse the blood and support the urinary system as well as being incredibly nutritious. As a vegetable, only use the young stems. You can eat them like spinach or add them to stews, curries or soups. As a fresh tea, put a good handful in a teapot or jug, cover with hot water and steep for 10 minutes. So next time you fancy a walk in the countryside, take some gloves and a bag.

By Lloyd Gee, who practices Naturopathy , Herbal Medicine and Asyra Bioenergetics at Shine, Church Street.