Spring is coming…How this season helps boost our motivation

Resident Acupuncturist, Anna Bernard, discusses how energetically it can be hard to make new starts on things, until the energy of Spring begins.


We all start the New Year filled with renewed promises to ourselves to get up earlier/exercise more/eat healthier* (*delete as applicable) or sometimes bigger commitments and projects like finishing that book, finding a new job or even trying for a baby. Then we wonder why round about the end of January we feel dispirited, clamber onto the sofa and turn on Netflix.

It’s not surprising really, the season of winter is about rest, restoration and renewal. Look at nature and you’ll see that all movement is happening underground and the same goes for us. Winter should be about hibernation and tranquility, like a tortoise, so we can get ready for Spring.

The season of Spring is all about new beginnings, like an explosion of life. It needs a striving spirit with a powerful sense of movement and direction to grow in our body, minds and spirit. If we start this push too early, like January, then we don’t have the energy of the season providing a wind in our sails to help us on our journey.

SH Health Dandelion SpringSo rather than Winter, now is the time to plant seeds of ideas and creativity in your daily life and nuture them to their fullest potential. Follow their growth and have patience as the master plan of those seeds unfold. The seeds we plant take time to come to fruition so be patient and do not rush to early ripening. At the same time notice your anger, it’s the emotion connected to spring, a force to be reckoned with and not to shy away from.

However, if you feel yourself getting frustrated or iritable then you might be stuck;SH Health Dance SPring then it’s time to discover new ways to help it move smoothly. Express yourself in a new medium, keep your tendons and muscles supple and mobile, experiment with your creativity – the more regularly you create, the more your true self is availble to you. Feel your ability to bend and be pliable, as well as stand tall and firm, physically, emotionally and mentally.

The stress of modern day life is often in conflict with trying to live a natural healthy life. The Five Elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal – are the five phases of energy movement that is apparent in all the natural world. It is most visible in the changing cyclical nature of the seasons, for instance how the energy of Winter develops into Spring which then turns into Summer, eventually falling into Late Summer and then Autumn, before returning back to Winter again to start a new cycle.

SH Health CHanging seasonaThe energy and feeling of each season is different from each other. The uninterrupted manner in which energy moves in nature is very important, and Mother Earth has many ways in ensuring that she remains flowing and balanced. Human beings on the other hand are not as aware when it comes to managing our energy, and when our cycle becomes interrupted, feeling blocked and unbalanced often follows.

Five Element Acupuncture is one way that can help restore that connection to nature and its healing powers in the natural flow of life.

Psychologies magazine calls Five Element Acupuncture –

‘the secret to more balance, energy and positivity’.

This style of acupuncture helps with these energetic changes between the seasons, so if you don’t feel rested after the winter ready to jump into the flow of the year ahead, then the treatments can root and strengthen your energy to give you that spring board that you need, and the vision and clarity to find it.

Acupuncture uses fine needles to insert along the meridians (lines of energy that run under the skin) to unblock the stagnation and reroute this flow. I sometimes think of the meridians like an irrigation system where you tweak an upper pipe and then the water starts moving in the lower chambers. This can help with all sorts of problems across the body, mind and spirit, especially at this time of year; exhaustion and low mood, back and joint issues, fertility and menopausal issues to name a few.

I’m offering £30 off my initial consultation and Acupuncture treatment in March, at Shine, Church Street, so now’s the perfect time to really look after yourself and make 2020 a great year.

Anna Bernard, Acupuncturist at Shine, Church Street.