Spring Weddings at Shine


Weddings are hoped to be the most wonderful, magical time, a day that you look & feel your best. Sometimes, with all the plans & preparation they can be hectic too. Shine understands this completely; we’ve styled many Brides & Bridesmaids over the years and would love to be a positive part of your big day. So if you’re planning on getting married in the spring, or later on in the year, let us help to prepare & pamper you.





? Beauty Preparation ?


People often say that the bride is glowing on her wedding day, and as romantic as that may be, it doesn’t simply happen by accident. Here are some of the Shine beauty prep methods to give you that extra glow on your special day. As a tip, it is always worth getting a facial one week before the wedding. At home, you can use a scrub or an exfoliant a couple of days before the wedding, to buff the dead skin cells off and boost radiance. If you suffer with cracked, flaky lips, use a toothbrush to smoothen the surface. One treatment that we would highly recommend is the Dermalogica Bio-surface skin peel, which we are launching this month.


sh_beauty_yoannas skin peel 5sh_beauty_yoannas skin peel 4sh_beauty_yoannas skin peel 3
DSC_0218sh_beauty_yoannas skin peel 6sh_beauty_yoannas skin peel 1


Experience the power of The BioSurface Peel, a new skin resurfacing system from the skin health experts at Dermalogica. It helps to reduce acne, pigmentation and signs of premature aging to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin. Chemical peels are one of the most popular professional skin care services today because they can improve the quality, texture and colour of skin. In fact, your skin will look and feel healthier than ever! Ideally, a series of three treatments are performed over a six- to twelve- week period, followed by maintenance treatments twice a year. We recommend this fabulous treatment to our brides to be, because it’s really important to start preparing your skin a few months before the wedding day. The BioSurface Peel is the best way to take years off the skin and leave it looking it’s most radiant and glowing for your big day.

Yoana Cojan  Shine Beauty Therapist.


? Hair ?


Whether you want an up style or a simple styling, we at Shine understand that on your wedding day, your hair and makeup has to completely compliment your entire look. As spring has now begun, we thought using a natural flower theme would be a lovely way to show you different wedding hair style inspirations.

If you are getting married soon, and like any of these looks, email sandro@shineholistic.co.uk to plan and create the Bridal style you want.


sh_salon_wedding hepzi 2Hepzi 1 edit 2sh_salon_wedding hepzi 3


For Hepzi’s wedding hair style, we used daisies & small pink berries, woven into the circular braid. The remaining hair was then curled, to softly frame her neck & shoulders. The makeup mirrored this romantically messy style, using a subtle golden eyeshadow, a slim line of brown eyeliner, rosy cheeks to match the berries & a lipstick only slightly more saturated than her natural lips.




sh_salon_wedding ruby 3sh_salon_wedding ruby 1sh_salon_wedding ruby 2


If you are struggling to pin down your wedding hair style, this is a great choice as it has several different elements, without it seeming too overloaded. One side is sleek and pinned back with a beautiful curvature, the other side laced with a messy braid. The two sides are married by two natural red roses & a red tulip, and the remaining hair falls into curls on one shoulder. We felt this statement look needed statement makeup with striking red lips and smoky eyes, but this hair style would work equally well with a more subtle face.




sh_salon_wedding rima 2sh_salon_wedding rima 3sh_salon_wedding rima 1


One of our favourite looks, is this loosely curled simplistic hair styling, finished with a stunning natural flower reef. If you don’t want to spend ages getting your hair done and have gorgeous long hair, this would be the ideal look for you. The flowers beautifully frame the face, and you can make the reef yourself very easily like we did to match the flowers used within your wedding. Again we went for more subtle makeup, slight smokey eye, and a light pink lipstick. Depending on the colour of flowers you have for the day, you can choose the lip colour to match.


The previous three styles were carried out by; Johiem Ismail (a soon to be stylist) on Hair, Rima Yassine (a stylist & make up artist at Shine Holistic) on Makeup & Holly Keller-Cooper (Shine on the Green’s Head of Reception & Shine’s Hair Blogger) on Styling.




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Another gorgeous option when using flowers is getting a small sprig of very small flowers and weaving them into your up style. This wonderful wedding up style is by Sarah Reingruber.  She created twist braids round the sides, forming into an asymmetric twisted low bun, giving amazing detail and yet looks effortless. Perfect for the subtle, elegant bride.




Sh_hair_sandros curly up style croppedsh_hair_w.upstyle purple fullIf you want the floral look but would prefer to not use real flowers, a lovely touch is a few small decorative flower clips. As you can see this works for both curly & straight hair. It’s important to be mindful of their placement; it often looks best if you work with 3 or 4 flowers and construct them in a loose lined formation. Both of these beautiful creations were by Alessandro Conforti.


? Makeup ?


Dana Vronska Beauty Therapist & Shine on the Green’s Beauty Manager;

As we slowly but surely approach milder months, the wedding season swings back with brides looking for that perfect finishing touch. Bridal make-up and nails are often left to the last minute. However, we highly recommend you consider your final look well in advance by having a make up trial first, to avoid any surprises or last minute panic.  Also sometimes, what you like and what works for you, may not line up; that’s why the first trial is very crucial. To establish your look on the Big Day, get the images you like from the Internet, magazines or newspapers and bring them to your make up artist a month before.


sh_beauty_danas wedding makeup 5sh_beauty_danas wedding makeup 6sh_beauty_danas wedding makeup 10sh_beauty_danas wedding makeup 4
sh_beauty_danas wedding makeup 9sh_beauty_danas wedding makeup 2sh_beauty_danas wedding makeup 1sh_beauty_danas wedding makeup 7


My model Liz, wanted to achieve a flawless complexion and romantic look. On a day to day basis, Liz doesn’t wear a lot of make up, so I wanted to avoid a dramatic colour palette and go for a more subtle, natural look. I chose a Matte Foundation. Cheeks were sculpted softly in matte contour and pearlescent highlighter. Lips and apples of the cheeks tinted in soft pink. Eyes were washed in soft lilac and light brown, and lashes curled and painted in waterproof mascara.




To have your Bridal hair and makeup with us at Shine email sandro@shineholistic.co.uk to begin sharing ideas and making plans for your big day.

If you would like to make any other booking with us for Hair or Beauty please call as on 020 7241 5033 for Shine Holistic or
020 7241 2065 for Shine on the Green.