Why does your colour fade?

The simple answer is heat – but let’s face it, living in grey old Britain most of us are going to soak up every bit of sun that we can, if only for the sake of our sanity.

Those post-holiday, sun-kissed ends we all enjoyed in our youth aren’t always compatible with big city life. All colours fade, even natural ones, but heat can accelerate the process, because it opens the hair’s outer layer (the cuticle) allowing pigment damage.

Right now fashion loves Alexa’s washed-out ends look, though being ahead of fashion she’s leading the way back to darker, even tones. Whatever your preference, you need to manage the fade well, as there can be a fine line between sun-kissed and damaged ends.

Here are our tips for protecting and managing your holiday hair.

  • Start each day with AVEDA’s Suncare Veil, a lightweight, water-resistant mist that forms an invisible UV screen. Protecting your hair for up to 16 hours, it helps minimise colour fading, damage and dryness.
  • After your day in the sun, shampoo with Suncare Hair and Body Cleanser. Its colour-safe formula gently removes salt and chlorine, and is mild enough to use on your face and body too.
  • Condition with Suncare After-Sun Masque, an intensive cream treatment that restores sun-exposed hair.
  • Finally, don’t forget to wear your hat, even when using a protectant like Suncare Veil.

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