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hot stone thermal massageMattea is offering £5 of Hot Stone Massage with her this month at Shine, so it will be at the usual price of Holistic Massage - £70 for 60mins or £95 for 90minutes.

Call 0207 241 5033 to book your treatment, or contact Mattea directly.

Hayley will be offering £5 off all of her treatments this month. So all 1 hour treatments will be for £65 instead of £70. 

Book in for your 1st Acupuncture session with her, for Aromatherapy or for a Reflexology session and enjoy it for less. See Hayley's profile to find out more.

Call 0207 241 5033 to book your treatment, or contact Hayley directly.


Talk based therapies available online from Shine

We still have many treatments that are available online or over the phone, if for now, you are preferring to stay at home.

Mary Foley, our Resident Homeopath, is working from home and can take you through a thorough consultation and decipher what Homeopathic remedies may be recommended for you.


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Valina, our Shine Life Coach, is available for Skye/Zoom/Phone sessions, to help you find a way to finish 2020 with a bright vision for what is coming next.


SH Health EFT Face

Marian explains how Emotional Freedom Technique can help you deal with stress and anxiety. 

EFT is a tapping technique of the upper body along the same meridien points used with Acupuncture.  You can be taught this online, face to face, and once you remember the skill, you can keep it forever!

She is offering 1-2-1 sessions at a reduced rate, plus Group sessions for just £10 for the hour.

See her blog to find out more.

Lucia Garcia can offer you either online sessions, or treatments in person at Shine. She offers Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

Sonja will continue seeing couples for Relationship Counselling online.

Lloyd Gee can offer in person or online sessions for Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.

All our our Nutritionists can offer you online consultations, creating food plans and having follow up sessions all from the comfort of your own home. However, Lelani is also available on Saturdays for onsite sessions at Shine.

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