December Promotions

December Promotions

Thermal Deep Tissue Massage and Gift Voucher Package

Hot Stone’s used in a Thermal Massage takes on a different dimension with the warming stones feeling like hot silk, melting your muscles into a knot free zone.

Book yourself a Thermal Deep Tissue Massage and then if you want to buy a gift voucher for the same treatment as a present, you get a £10 discount!

60mins treatment for £70 for you
(£60 voucher for a Hot Stone treatment as a gift)

Available with the whole Hot Stone team. * Please note that the 2nd treatment must be with the same Practitioner you saw.

Georgie, Helen , Becky and Lisa.



Parental postural assessmentssh_health-parent-struggling-with-2kids

How is it that we can forget ourselves so often until it really hurts?  Somehow us parents can forget that the ever increasing weight of a child, is a weight to be lifted with care.

As a Parent who has suffered with back pain and as an Osteopath, i feel your pain and have the skills to help you through to the other side.

Get your body back and your energy will return. To find out more read Leon’s article below.

Leon Baugh    Osteopathy   Anatomy in Motion    Sports Massage

1st Parent Postural Assessments 90mins for £100.



Life Coaching and Alexander Technique work

sh_health-anger-sketchIn honour of Anger Awareness week, Abi has created a combination treatment to help you begin to understand how to cope with your anger and find ways to have more empathy and kindness with yourself, using the tools of Alexander Technique and Life Coaching.

With some gentle and practical guidance give yourself the space to start on this journey of change with confidence, ease and balance.

Coaching sessions with for anger or for anything else!!
Abi Clancey

60mins for £60 (usually £65)

90mins for £80 (usually £85)




December Beauty Promotionsh_beauty-gift-set

Buy a  Shine Gift Voucher for £60 or over and receive a Free Dermalogica Skin Kit. That’s another present off your list, or perhaps a treat for yourself..? We won’t tell.

Please note that these promotional gift vouchers are for Beauty only and are valid from January 1st to March 31st 2017.