February Promotions

February Promotions


Reflexology though focusing on the feet, can actually work every aspect of your body depending on what is in most need.

It can pick up on your bodies story and unspoken imbalances through all the corresponding points on your feet.

In celebration of Valentines Day, Cordelia has written about how our heart responds to Reflexology here.

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pregnancy support

Acupuncture is a powerful leveler when it comes to hormones, energy levels and well being.

Looking at the person as a whole and not just treating the symptoms is at the centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s ethos.

Sophie explains about the power of Acupuncture for induction in her article this month.

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60mins for £58.50 (usually £65)




sg_health_craniosacral_therapy1_280Craniosacral therapy is at its essence a treatment that helps you come out of fight or flight and into the peaceful part of your nervous system, the parasympathetic part.

When we can truly rest in this state, we can let our immune system heal and repair what needs our attention.

A subtle yet very powerful treatment.

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