July Promotions

July Promotions


Leon Baugh is a pain and posture specialist, combining his skills of Osteopathy, Sports Massage, Anatomy in Motion and Postural Analysis.

To get a thorough review of cause and symptoms of the condition you have been struggling with, looking at ways to help you move into a pain free state book in to see him. 

Click here to read all about the art of Dynamic Stretching, the preffered method of movement pre work out.

For the next month Leon will be giving 10% off his 1st appointments.


Valeria Frank is an Acupuncturist with over 20 years of experience

She is used to dealing with anything from Chronic Fatigue, Muscular tension to Fertility issues.

If you have been dealing with tiredness or lethargy for a long time, it may be something that is worth getting checked out by your GP. For more information click here for Valeria’s article on the subject.

For July you can get £5 off 1st appointments for Acupuncture with Valeria. £60 usually £65.


Nutrition with Wrisley Magargal

One of the most common signs that digestion is not at its best is bloating. Do you frequently find your clothes feel tighter at the end of the day? Or your abdomen feels uncomfortable or painful? Perhaps your abdomen is hard or looks larger than usual? These are all signs that your digestion could use some support. To find out more read Wrisley’s article here:


Get 10% off 1st appointments with Wrisley for all your Nutritional needs this month.