November Promotions

November Promotions

Physiotherapy with Sabine Nave


Physiotherapy is a practical, diagnostic treatment designed to help you recognise what may be out of balance in your body. For injuries, old and new, Physiotherapists can guide you in how to take care of yourself whilst recovering, encouraging appropriate strengthening and stretching exercises to regain equilibrium.

To learn more about studies into the potential connection between the cold and our backs, see Sabine’s article.



Enjoy £10 off your 1st Appointment with Sabine this month!

45mins £55 (usually £65)

or 1hour MOT treatment for £75 (usually £85)




Nutrition with Wrisley Margargalsh_food-kale


We are what we eat and during the colder months, food can be our greatest ally. For great tips on how to boost your mood for food read Wrisley’s article here:

For great nutritional advice book in with Wrisley this month and enjoy £5 off your 1st appointment.

Wrisley MargargalNutritionist at Shine, Church Street.








sh_health_acupuncture5_280Acupuncture with Milan Skamene

Acupuncture is one of the oldest traditions of medicine, based on the eastern philosophy of looking at the person as whole and finding what is out of balance to cause symptoms, instead of the western approach which can often be to treat symptoms and not always get to the route of the cause.

In this changing season we deal with dampness in our environment and within ourselves. To find out more about healing dampness within read Milan’s article below.

Enjoy a £10 discount off 1st Appointments this month with Milan Skamene

1st Appointment £55 (usually £65)




Balance Me Facials with Mandy Oxley Swansh_Balance Me oil

Experience the wonderfully relaxing and skin rejuvenating Balance Me facial.
Your skin will be deeply cleansed, then a fruit acid exfoliator will gently resurface your skin preparing it for the transformative facial massage following by a peptide and Hyaluronic acid rich mask.
While the mask plumps and hydrates the skin enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Competed with a serum, moisturiser and SPF.
Balance Me facials for £55 (usually £65)