October Promotions

October Promotions

We welcome back Lisa de Liema from her Maternity leave with open arms!

She welcomes you back to her massage skills with a £10 discount off of ALL massage treatments this month.
With extensive skills in the art of pain relief and myofascial work, not only do you have a refreshing treatment, but you also have a productive session of bodywork when you see Lisa.


How do you feel in your Gut? Could it be better?

Our Resident Nutritionist Wrisley Margargal takes us through the top tips of how to take care of our gut through the changes times of pregnancy.
To find out more click here.

She is offering £5 off first appointments with her this month. The offer applies to everybody, not just Pregnant people!
1st Appointment = £80 (usually £85) for a 75min session.

You will be asked to fill in a consultation form and food diary before your first appointment to ensure Wrisley can begin with you, already knowing a great deal about your health, diet and needs.

Beauty this month are offering for you to choose one of the 3 Facials below and get £10 OFF in October.

Our favourite modalities for Autumn and Winter are :

  • BioSurface Peel Facial – 75mins  £75 (usually £85)
  • Ion-Active Power Facial -60mins £65 (usually £75)
  • Ultrasonic Facial – 60mins £60 (usually £70)

For more information on which to choose, click here.