2019 Hair Trends

Kick Off 2019 in Style at Shine Hair Salons in Stoke Newington 

Are you thinking of kicking off 2019 with a brand new look? This year, it’s all about having fun with your hair – it’s time to be expressive, experimental and bold!

Looking to the catwalks and what’s happening on High Streets up and down the UK, the experts at Shine hair salons in Stoke Newington are excited to bring you our top 2019 hair trend predictions.

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Top 2019 Hair Trend: Try A Lilac Hair Colour

Lilac hair colour also remains popular and was the most searched for hair shade during 2018.  Pastel tones are great for clients who want colour that will fade with each wash. We can create a range of playful bright colours, soft shimmers and pastel tones as well as vibrant shades – with hair colours that are wearable and suitable for all ages.  

Please note: If you are new to hair colour, please book in for a skin test 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment.

Top 2019 Hair Trend: Red Coral Hair Colour

Hair colours have never been so exciting and we expect to see more men and women experimenting with their hair colour in 2019.  Vivid hair colours such as pinks, lemons, corals and silver blues were seen on the runways at London and New York Fashion Week but it is the red-toned coral colour that is set to be the winner in 2019.  

Top 2019 Hair Trend: Balayage, Root Shadowing & Root Stretching

Balayage continues to reign supreme if you want a more natural hair colour that is low maintenance.  We can ‘stretch’ your roots and add multi-dimensional shades, growing lighter towards the ends of your hair for an on-trend balayage look. Natural looking blondes and face-framing highlights will also be popular, using colours that compliment your base shade.  

Top 2019 Hair Trend: Short Cropped Hair for 2019

Super short crops look set to be a big trend in 2019 alongside geometric hair cuts.  The aim is to create a hairstyle that is bold and powerful.  

Top 2019 Hair Trend: How To Wear Your Fringe in 2019 

While longer side-sweeping fringes will remain popular, we also expect to see more women asking for micro fringes which are cut a centimetre above your eyebrows – short and blunt.  Add an Alice band and you will have the look spot on!

Top 2019 Hair Trend: Textured Wavy Hairstyles 

We predict there will be a move away from perfect wavy hair to more textured, relaxed waves.  Think slightly messy, wavy hair after a day on the beach! 

Top 2019 Hair Trend: Blunt Bobs – Thicker, Fuller & Fiercer!

The bob is a hairstyle that will never go out of fashion but in 2019 we expect to see more blunt-edged bobs which will sit mid-way between the ears and nape of the neck (although we can vary the length to suit you).  Yes, the blunt bob is back and will be thicker, fuller and fiercer hair than ever before!

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