Hair Treatments: How to make your own

We’ve all hopped out of the shower, assessed our hair when dry and thought, ‘Why, oh WHY does my hair never look as good as it does when I leave the Salon?’

Whether your hair is healthy, dry, dull, damaged, too short, too flat or too oily – there are many obstacles that our defenceless locks come up against daily.

A lot of you will apply heat to your hair using a hairdryer, straighteners and other styling tools as well as applying styling products to keep your hair feeling healthy and looking sleek. All of which can damage your hair over time.

The condition of your hair can also reflect your general health & wellbeing and as well as ALL of the above we now have an extra fight on our hands…The Cold.

Frosty air, rain, low winds, snow, high winds, GAIL. We’ve got it all to come. It’s almost enough to make you submit to staying inside with your favourite series and a festive Whiskey Hot Chocolate.

The cold weather draws moisture from our hair affecting it’s natural state and contributing towards colour fade, frizz, dryness & breakage.



Below we have some home hair remedies for you to try during this wonderful season to keep your hair strong and healthy between salon visits. And you can find them all in your kitchen.

December is finally here and what a high maintenance month it is. In fact, I bet your calendar is filling up as we speak! Or as you read. Cue WHAM! ‘ Last Christmas’. No don’t! Stay focused. There is important hair related information a head. Apologies..

They’ll be the ‘Countdown to Xmas’ drinks, the work related ‘do’s’, the pre-pre Christmas drinks with friends, the slightly awkward distant relative shindigs, the pre Christmas drinks, gift buying & wrapping, cat sitter arrangements, THE CHRISTMAS DRINKS, food prep, YOLO drinks (of course), the sparkly Christmas strangers and the list..goes..on.


sh_hair-side-eye-girlIn and amongst all of the festive madness, when you are at home popping on your manly tartan slippers or having a girly night in solo or with friends – take off that heavy woolly hat you’ve had on all day and treat your hair to some much needed nourishment.

I’ve compiled a list of some magical ingredients that will help you kick off this season with a (hair) bang!

All of the ingredients below – when used alone or mixed with other anti oxidant boosting ingredients – preserve the hair’s natural oils, by locking in moisture and promoting healthy hair growth. Some of them have anti bacterial enzymes that can unblock the pores on your scalp, which can lead to new hair growth and no dandruff. (I know!)


All of the remedies are super easy and you will see and feel a difference almost instantly!

Just mix and mash away applying to damp hair, leaving for between 20-40 minutes, covering your hair with a shower cap and then shampooing & conditioning as normal.

Remember: Where Egg is present rinse with cool/warm water.

Conditioning Masks for Damaged Hair;


⁃ Coconut Oil & Olive Oil
⁃ Coconut Oil & Raw Honey
⁃ Avocado, Egg Yolk & Paprika

Conditioning Masks for Dry Hair/Scalp;

⁃ Banana, Honey & Almond
⁃ Coconut oil & Olive Oil
⁃ Olive Oil & Egg Yolk
⁃ Coconut Oil & Garlic

Conditioning Masks to boost Hair Growth

(there are a few curve balls here!);

⁃ Onion Juice (massage into scalp)
⁃ Potato Juice (massage into scalp)
⁃ Lemon Juice & Coconut Oil
⁃ Aloe Vera (straight from the plant is always best!)
⁃ Green Tea (rinse your hair with it!)
⁃ Avocado
⁃ Banana


Conditioning Masks For Thinning Hair;

⁃ Potato Juice & Honey
⁃ Onion Juice
⁃ Aloe Vera

Conditioning Masks for Stronger Hair;

  • Potato Juice
  • Egg White
  • Honey




    Conditioning Masks for Oily Hair;

    ⁃ Avocado & Egg White
    ⁃ Lemon & Egg White
    ⁃ Strawberries (sieve to removes seeds)
    ⁃ Plain Yoghurt
    ⁃ Honey, Lemon & Aloe Vera

    There are so many ingredients close at hand, that can naturally boost and keep your hair shiny & strong all year long.

    So, there you go. I told you they were simple!!



    Merry Christmas from all of us at Shine.


Marina Demetriadis