Oh Là Là! French-Girl Fringe for Autumn 2018

Why It’s Time You Considered Getting a ‘French-Girl Fringe’ at Shine Salons in Stoke Newington

Are you bored of your current hairstyle? Why not kick off Autumn 2018 with a brand new look?

Opting for a ‘French-Girl Fringe’ could be the perfect way to give your hair that certain je ne sais quoi. 

Inspired by the chic locks of Parisian fashionistas, this iconic French hairstyle is all about natural beauty…and kinks are encouraged! Ageless, universally flattering and easy to style – this iconic French haircut is characterised by being longer and not having a freshly cut look to it, resulting in an all-round effortless look. 

Our team of talented stylists at Shine are ready and waiting to create your brand new French-inspired look for Autumn/Winter 2018. Call your nearest Shine salon by clicking one of the links below.

Will a French-Girl Fringe Suit Me? 

Fringes are usually a softening feature so they suit most people. The only situation where they don’t is where the area of the forehead to the hair line is not very high and a fringe could have the effect of closing in the face too much. But even then, in some cases, this can be resolved by making the fringe wider. Check out our quick guide on what fringe suits your face shapebelow…
Long and narrow faces: This look should work well on you, as fringes that hit just below the brows will make your face look fuller.
Round or square faces: Fringes can make circular faces appear even wider, so finding the right shape is key. Ask for a graphic, curved style that will flatter bone structure. The thicker the better, as wispy versions will have less impact.
Heart-shaped faces: Jackpot! You’re the lucky ones and can get away with pretty much everything. But if you want something definitive, the ideal style is layered and feathered -perfect for the French-Girl look.

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Your French-Girl Fringe Consultation at Our Top Stoke Newington Salons

When describing this cut, bring a picture or screenshot along to your appointment at our Stoke Newington hair salons, so you and your Shine stylist can be on the same page – after all, one person’s ‘long’ is another person’s ‘shaggy’ is another person’s ‘sexy.’ Bear in mind, though, that during your complimentary consultation at Shine, your stylist will access your face shape and hair type to ensure that a ‘French girl fringe’ is for you.

Top Tips For Looking After Your French-Girl Fringe 

Regular Trims at Shine: To create that effortless French vibe, your Shine stylist will leave the ends of your new fringe feathery as opposed to blunt. However, with any kind of Fringe, you’re still looking at regular trims in order to keep their shape, so keep that in mind.

Stock Up On Dry Shampoo: There’s no doubt that you’ll be touching and playing with your fringe a lot, especially at the beginning, which will just produce some extra oiliness.  We recommend travelling with a little mini dry shampoo, like XXXXXX available at our Stoke Newington salon. It’s perfect for stopping a fringe from separating and keeping it fresh and volumised throughout the day.

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Book Your French-Girl Fringe Appointment at Shine Salons, Stoke Newington, North London 

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge with a French-Girl Fringe, book an appointment with your Shine stylist today. We really are the best in the area when it comes to transforming your hair. Book your appointment by calling your nearest salon on one of the links below, or by using our quick and easy book online widget.

Never Been To Shine? Here’s Why Clients Think We’re The Best Salons in Stoke Newington…

111 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review
Sarah Lipschitz
Out of this world experience.Been going to another place for many years but nothing compared to the treatment I have received at Shine.Just to add that Mahab warmth and care enhanced the treatment received. Looking forward to return.
Salon Review
I'm so proud of being a Shine customer! The salon today was SO amazing, considering that this is new for everyone and a really worrying time. I felt so absolutely looked after. The lovely Shine team were (this is a compliment!) like the best possible Harley Street nurses - charming, helpful, and professionally focused on giving the best customer experience, whilst at the same time keeping everyone safe. Kate was of course her normal, brilliant self (so glad to get my hair back to an acceptable standard) and it was so good to be back. I know what a huge effort this has been, in the exceptionally difficult Covid-19 circumstances, and you have done wonderfully. I can't wait for us to get back to normal, but for now please be assured that your team are setting the standard for everyone else.
Thanks Lucy,
Salon Review
I visited Shine a few months ago after my regular salon closed down - I was quite happy with my previous salon, so I was nervous about having to test a few places to see if any would offer similar quality services in Stoke Newington. I was lucky enough to book in for a hair colour treatment with Jennifer - a stylist who has been with the salon for a fair number of years and is incredibly nice and skilled. Jennifer is excellent in both colour treatments and cuts and has a calm, laid-back attitude. Further, the salon’s approach to sustainability and natural products is definitely a big plus. Thankfully I didn’t have to look into any other salons, I will be sticking with this one - thank you Jennifer!
Salon Review
C, London
When I spoke to Michelle about some gut problems and feeling constantly bloated she pointed out some things in my ‘ healthy ‘ diet that I should cut down on, like grains, flour and fruit. When she told me the amount of sugar I was consuming in fruit would mean I would not be burning fat properly it was like the penny finally dropping, as I lead a very active lifestyle but I was piling weight on. She also suggested intermittent fasting which I embraced with very little effort and miraculously I dropped a stone in 5 weeks with a few minor changes, and generally felt like my energy levels had been restored. I can’t thank her enough and I absolutely recommend!
Salon Review
BM, Cheshire
Following my consultation with Michelle she provided me with an in depth nutritional analysis which was both fascinating and enlightening, easy to understand and to use in everyday food planning. Michelle is warm and personable and easy to talk to, whilst being extremely knowledgeable and professional. The advice and guidelines that she gave me have now become the basis of my eating patterns and I can honestly say that my ‘gut health’ has never been better, resulting in more energy, better sleep and general improved well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle and her delicious recipes.
Salon Review
M, London
Working with Michelle has been a real pleasure - her approach to nutrition combines rigor and passion for science with a very down-to-earth attitude. She had many useful tips and showed me that eating well did not have to be complicated. I would definitely recommend her.
Salon Review
H, London
I came to Michelle having recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Her manner is lovely and I felt in safe hands straight away. She was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive - taking the time to work out what changes would work for me in the long term to support my recovery.
Salon Review
John Hartley
If you haven’t tried Shiatsu before then a visit to Alice could change everything. Alice is a expert and the experience is so relaxing I almost fell asleep (in fact I actually did). The treatment is really gentle but afterwards the pains and stiffness I felt were completely gone. If it were as if Alice melted them away with her hands and without any discomfort to me. From being s sceptic I am now an avid fan and couldn’t recommend Alice’s treatment enough - John Hartley Company Director
Salon Review
Zan Barberton
Alice gave a treatment to one of my children some years ago, and it really helped with the issue, and he also absolutely loved it! I have also received treatments from her which have been excellent. - Zan Barberton Film Maker and Company DIrector
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