The Headache Clinic

The Headache Clinic

A new bespoke service for people suffering from headaches and migraines.

This is a Clinic run weekly at Shine on the Green, by Leon Baugh and Omer Harpaz. Both therapists are passionate about treating people suffering with neck pain and headaches.

First consultations can be booked with either therapist at our standard rate. At times we may cross refer in order for you to get the best treatment possible for your pain.

Migraines and headaches are very common complaints and although many people may not realise that, manual therapy can be enormously beneficial.


There are different types of headache with many different causes, however the vast majority of headaches are either tension headaches or migraines both of which respond well to manual therapy. It is important to find out what type of headache you might have, if the cause of the headaches is non-mechanical in nature and due to some other underlying issue you will be referred back to your GP for further investigation.


Your therapist will go through a range of questions with you on your initial consultation that will help us understand the nature of your pain. A treatment plan will then be tailored to your needs based on your full assessment.


Who we are:

  • Leon Baugh– Osteopath, medical acupuncturist and sports injury massage therapist.

  •  Omer Harpaz Bodywork therapist and homeopath with a true passion for what happens when soft tissue work meets systemic remedial support.