Take time for you and Christmas with the family will be a breeze…..

Take time for you and Christmas with the family will be a breeze…..

Christmas is all about giving but that also includes giving to yourself. Don’t we all want to feel happy, healthy and energized this Christmas?

What are your priorities this Christmas?

What would make YOU happy?

How do you want this Christmas to be different?

Last year we explored different ways to help beat the stress by getting organized. This year it’s all about moving.



We know Christmas involves over indulging in delicious food, drink and terrible TV and we’re not here to stop anyone from doing that. But whilst enjoying the potential revelry why not make space for a little wellbeing too?

As humans we are built to move, so here are a few ways to get moving this Christmas that don’t involve dragging yourself out on a run everyday or going to the gym.


It’s all about the fresh air.

Taking a bus? Walk to the next bus stop. Heading to the pub? Pick one in walking distance. Need some milk from the local shop? Why not ride your bike? Got a dog? Great, that will get you out walking even if you don’t feel like it. And if none of the above work for you then just take 30 minutes out of your day to get outside and go for a walk whether on your own or with your family. Everyone will feel better for it.

Family time.

See what outdoor activities there are in your local area and get something booked for the whole family. Every year I love taking my Mum ice skating. We laugh, we glide, we wobble and we laugh some more.

Dancing Queen.

Going to a work Christmas Party? Get on that dance floor and show your colleagues how it’s done. Or if you’re not quite ready to share your moves, then put together a playlist of all your favourite dance music and get grooving round your living room. It’s great exercise and it will leave you feeling de-stressed, happy and light.

Find that App.

Why not download an App so you have support over the festive period. Two I would recommend are Headspace (short mindfulness meditations, perfect for finding quiet and calm amidst the merry madness) and Yoga Studio that can help you start or keep up with your practice wherever you are.

All a bit unrealistic to squeeze in? Fear not we have a few more suggestions that might just work:

Go old school.

Buy a skipping rope or hula hoop and challenge yourself to a 5 minute skipping/hula session twice a day. Exercise and a trip down memory lane.


I am happy to report that laughing is not only amazing for our wellbeing but also wonderful exercise. So make a plan to laugh lots.

Need to pop upstairs?

Family got a house with lots of stairs? Super, each time you go up why not go up twice?


There are so many ways to get yourself and your family moving this Christmas so why not make that a priority?

And now to our last thought, which doesn’t involve moving but is something we believe to be very important for all of us. Why not make sure guilt is not invited to your Christmas this year? So you eat and drink too much, that’s ok. You’re ok. If you want to try something a little different this year try one of the above but don’t feel guilty if it doesn’t go how you planned. We’re only ever doing our best in the moment and each day brings a new way to maybe try something different but most importantly to not feel guilty about the day before.

Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Everyone deserves a happy, peaceful Christmas and that includes you.sh_holistic_yoga2

Abi Clancey Life Coach and Yoga Teacher.