How treating people creates endless goals and aspirations


Learning how to treat conditions through massage is so powerful.

My new goal is to pass on the gift of healing through teaching.


In my life, dreams are continuously created and whenever I achieve the dream, another is already forming and aching to be lived.
The latest dream to come true was the completion of my Level 6 BTEC for Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapy.


My studies included creating clinical research to explore the benefits of massage therapy on upper back pain in the elderly. The results of 10-minute treatments were mind blowing. The conclusion of the paper was that a nurturing and informed touch is able to relief pain, decrease people’s perception of pain and increase overall well being, even with short treatments! Exciting stuff!


The comprehensive 3-year course gave me lots of knowledge about conditions that I often treat in my practice, such as headaches, RSI, lower back pain and herniated discs. The protocols we have learned are so effective in helping clients gain natural pain relief in 1 to 6 sessions. After treati

ng the source of pain, one massage per month should be sufficient as maintenance.


Apart from really getting to the source of your problem, massage and its magical effect of transporting you to another world, mostly leaves you feeling absolutely wonderful. That relaxed, sleepy feeling is so beneficial for de-stressing the mind. I can give you an endless list that goes to cellular level, but at the end of the day, it just feels good and that’s what it’s about.
I practice in a range of places including Shine, centres for the elderly, community centres, at offices and at retreats. All these places give me a platform to deliver my skills in treatment, at times reducing my clients needs for further


medical help and mostly to helping them stay on top of their conditions.
My other dream was to become a teacher at The Jing Institute, where I believe they really understand how education can be shaped into a beautiful learning experience, leaving students feeling transformed. In this way, my work and my dreams are aligned to benefit my clients with the healing touch of massage.


Challenging ourselves is part of what keeps our lives interesting. Whether it’s by learning new skills or trying something totally different out. As long as it brings us out of our comfort zone -where the development and growth happens- even if it feels difficult, that is where the satisfaction of a dream realised is born.


Managing the balance of work, life, studies and fun is a matter of going with the flow and trying to plan and stick to, what needs to be done. I guess that’s the struggle we all face. For me it works really well to book in time where you can go with the flow and you haven’t planned anything to see what the day brings. It seems like a paradox to plan to not plan, but it is so lovely to just go out and see what the day brings you.


Lately, I have found it is important to enjoy the celebration of having achieved whatever it is, without storming straight on to the next thing. Having just fulfilled two dreams within my work, I have learned to take a step back, reflect on the process and settle in with my newly achieved skills, which for me is just as important a part of the process as getting ready to pursue new dreams.


My mantra for how to live life and become the best you want to be is GO FOR IT!

You only have one life and you’ve got to make the most of it NOW.


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