April Promotions

April Promotions


Emotional Freedom Technique

A teachable technique of self tapping to specific parts of the hands and body, to help improve emotional well being, relieve fears, manage stress and let go of phobias.

To find out more about the power of this tool and how it can be applied,
see Marian’s article.

Marian Fixler is offering 10% off EFT treatments

60mins for £63
(usually £70)



Sports Massage Treatment

In honour of London Marathon our whole Sports Massage Team are offering £5 off their 60min treatments, to help keep you at your optimum. Deep tissue work, resisted stretches and trigger point work can all be a really useful part of keeping your muscles in peak condition for the big day.

60mins Sports Massage £60 (usually £65)

Please note Leon Baugh’s massage will be £65 (usually £70)





Homeopathy for Hay Fever

Come and join us at Shine to get a personalised remedy prescription to help you cope with your particular stream of hay fever.

To find out more about the Hay Fever Clinic and how Homeopathy can help,
see our April news section.

A 45min Homeopathy for Hay Fever appointment with Aurora Yaacov is £45 .