March Promotions

March Promotions

Buteyko with Kathryn Godfrey


Buteyko is a breathing method that helps people of all ages to regain a sense of ease and balance with their breath, be it because they suffer with asthma, anxiety or emphesema.

Through a course of treatments exercises are learned and fairly quickly the method becomes second nature, so that balance can become normality.

60mins for £50 with Kathryn




Osteopathy with Justin Redpathsh Justin 2

Booking to see an Osteopath can be a great way to review how you are, be it from gaining a better view of postural exercises that you need to work on, to better understanding any skeletal imbalances that you have, osteopathy is a fantastic way to increase your body knowledge as well as receive hands on treatment.

Enjoy 10% off your 1st Osteopathy appointment with Justin this month.

60mins for £58.50 (usually £65)





sh_shiatsu bijiShiatsu training sessions to treat your child

Shiatsu is a powerful yet subtle treatment that can help rebalance people energetically. Ana has trained extensively to be able to apply these techniques to those who have Autism. She now trains parents to apply shiatsu techniques for their children with Autism, to help engage with them and bring calm into their lives. These techniques can also benefit other children that perhaps are having trouble sleeping or are dealing with anxiety.

To find out more read Ana’s article Shiatsu for Autism.

Training sessions are 60mins for £55 (usually £65)