May Promotions

May Promotions

Mindfullness Massage with Florentina Lam Clark

Have you ever found it hard to let go of your racing mind, even when having a massage?

Well you are in luck! Having taught meditation for many years now, Florentina has combined mindfullness with massage, to transport you to a higher plane of calm in mind whilst treating your body in a relaxing, yet strong treatment.

To find out more about Mindfullness and how to be part of a course with Flo on the right hand side >>

Mindfullness Massage £55 (usually £65)



Holistic Massage with Danila Cienciash_health Danila Ciencia

We welcome Danila to the Team! Danila is a fantastic massage practitioner with a host of skills including Deep Tissue, Preganancy and Holistic techniques, plus with a strong yogic background, she really understands the moving body.

To read about simple ways to implement more commitment to your health and well being, see her article below.

Danila is offering £5 off of 1 hour treatments for the month of May.

60mins = £60 (usually £65)





sh_health christiePhysiotherapy with Christie Smith

Do not be fooled by Christie’s youthful looks, she is a Band 6 Physiotherapist and has years of experience with all types of conditions, ailments, sports injuries and physical challenges.

Get a better insight into your bodies condition, the story it is telling and how to improve your mobility, well being and overall health.

Book a 1st appointment in May and get £5 off your follow up session

Follow ups for £40 (usually £45) with Christie